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Hi All,
I saw that in some data sheets of some router products, said that these routers could support VPN Passthrough. I wonder that what is VPN Passthrough and what is the differences between the products that suport VPN Passthrough and the VPN Royters ?
Plz, help to find out. Thank so much
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  1. I think you will find a VPN router alows you to connect to the router directly and have full access to is sources.

    One that support passthrough, is just computer to computer via port forwarding.
  2. You would connect to a VPN router from off site to browse the network it is connected to.
    If you are behind a router at the remote site VPN passthrough will let you go through that router and connect to the VPN router. If the router didn't allow VPN passthrough you would have to connect your computer directly to the internet and get a public IP to connect to the VPN router.
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