Trouble navigating articles on iPad

Navigating articles on the iPad with the pull down menu (clicking on the pull down menu) under the articles causes the current page to jump to the top and sometimes the pull down menu doesn't open.
When it is opened it is not scrollable so only a fixed number of choices can be choosen.
This could really be improved!

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  1. You could try the mobile site - it's Should be easier for you to navigate.
  2. Deleted...
  3. Thanks for your reply but, there are no reason for mobile-pages anymore, they made some kind of sence in a Pre-Iphoneworld when mobile webrowsers sucked beyond xxx...

    With today's SmartPhones and tablets which offers the same webexperience as Laptop/Desktop's mobile pages makes no sence! Your site are the only I have visited in several years which sends iPad/iPhone to a mobile page.

    Concerning the problem I reported, I would be very happy If you could report it as a problem to you webdevelopers so they can fix it. For me this is a similar error to for example if FF4 would malfunction on your website except that a few more users would report it :)

    I would urge you to send modern tablets and SmartPhones to the the real Toms hardware not that mobile site. I have seen a few sites which sends iPhone/iPad to the rich page but adds link at the top for the mobile page if the user want that page. That behaviour makes more sence!

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