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I am thinking of buying a new PC which will mainly be used for Audio playing/mixing/editing and i think its time I gave it a go at building my own.

It will mainly be used for music but probably the odd bit of game playing here and there.

I'm not sure wether to go all out expensive or if i could get a pretty good system for a lot less money.

Any ideas on what i should include in the build?

Any advice would be fantastic!
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  1. Well, if its -mostly- for audio playing, you can get a pretty cheap system and get away with it. I'm assuming you want GOOD quality music, so an X-FI series card would be great (the crystalizer is wonderful, and it converts poorly ripped music as good as or better than CD quality)

    Probably best for your needs: (on rebate as well)

    Get a decent sized Hard drive so you don't have to worry about running out of space. Seomthing like this would be good:

    Not sure how much gaming you are planning to do, but I'd look through the new Best Card For Your Money article and pick one that suites you. I'd also advise 1 gig of memory, and an alright CPU (like the Core2Duo E6300)
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