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I have a D-Link DI-624 router with DHCP on in one part of my house. I wanted to add some wired ports to another section of my house too far away from the router so I bought a Linksys WAP54G and a wired switch to extend my network. I set the WAP54G into AP client mode and set up the proper wireless information. The internet is now working fine on all the machines and every machine is getting an IP from the router but there is one problem. I have a network printer connected to the WAP54G and any computers connected on that switch can print to it but any other computers (wireless ones for instance) cannont print to it. Both the printer and WAP54G have static IP addresses. File sharing also doesn't seem to work. I can't seem to figure out why this isn't working. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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  1. You said you are using client mode and not bridging.
    The router is only seeing 1 IP (AP) for the switch. Look at the log and verify. If this is the case you may have to setup a bridge. A bridge is used to tie 2 networks together.
  2. I put the WAP54G into bridge mode and anything connected to it won't connect to the network. That is why I used the AP client mode; because it was the only thing that worked. Is there anything I am missing in bridging connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. You have to have a bridge on each end for it to work.
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