agp or pci express ati raideon x1650 pro 512 mb video card?

I am currently running, almost 3 year old machine.

amd 64 3200+, asus socket 754 k8v deluxe motherboard with raptor 36 gig 10,000 rpm, 1 gig ram, ati 9800xt 256 mb video card, with 7.1 sound card.

I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card and was wondering if i should just stick with agp or go pci express route.

The card i was interested in was a ati raideon x1650 pro 512 mb video card, either agp which i got already of go pci express? they are both the same price.

I can get this board but not sure if its better then what I got and the hassel of resinstalling everything afterwords or just overclock what i got now and not sure if this board is overclockable....ABIT® NV8, Socket 754, NVIDIA NF4-4X Chipset w/ PCI Express x16 (ATX)

What do you guys think?
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  1. Well, I have a XP 2800+ and an AGP 1600 Pro 512. I'm upgrading sometime in Feb-Mar depending on funds. With your CPU, and if you add another gig of memory, you could get a 1650 and "be okay" (but not great) for another 6 months assuming you avoid Vista on your present machine. A 9800 isn't a terrible card though. I would suggest you save up and wait it out another 2 months, and then move to PCI-e. By the time Vista hits the stores both ATI and nvidia will have mid-range cards out that will beat the crap out of a 1650.
  2. Your best bet is to get a socket 754 mobo with a PCI express port and a PCIe videocard.

    You can get a 7600 GT for ~$120 now... it will easily destroy the X1600 XT

    With a socket 754 processor, there's no good excuse not to go PCIe.
  3. well first off I can get that 754 board with pci express but is it worth it or better then the board i got now.

    I won't be getting vista soon maybe a little ways away if i do upgrade then i will get it.

    But if i get the 754 board with pci express and get this card which is pci express will i beable ot use it down the road or will it no compete and will i have tio get another card by the time i upgrade?

    mainly im looking at it as performance and hassel of getting the board and transfering everything else over to it and reinstalling everything and then sell my agp board.

    Is there any benifit to this at all or not?

    Does this card outperform my 9800xt or does the ati raideon x1650 pro better option.

    Does the ati raideon x1650 pro 512 mb agp run as fast as the pci express version or does the pci express run better in this card?

    I just don't know what to do because both cards cost the same not like the agp card costs more then the pci card was a special at futureshop.

    I got it for 169.99 instead of 250.00.
  4. An X1650 PRO is about as good as an X800 GTO or 7600 GS.

    A 7600 GT is about as good as a 6800 Ultra or X850 XT.

    The problem is, AGP is limited and prices are high. A 7600 GT on PCIe is about $120... in AGP, that same card is $180, and that's if you can find it.

    So for the price premium you're paying for an AGP card, you can get a PCIe mobo and videocard. Not too shabby.

    Then again, the new X1950 PRO AGP has been sold for as little as $240... that's pretty close to it's PCIe cousin.
  5. well I don't really wanna swap boards, seems liek a real hassel to reinstall everything for a motherboard and video card.

    But what im asking is there any difference from a ati raideon x1650 pro in 512mb in either agp or pci express.

    is agp slower then the pci express version or is theren op difference is overall performance?

    reason im liking this card is because futureshop has both version on sale for the same price.

    on top of that is it much better then the ati raideon 9800xt 256mb i got now in agp?

    thanks again.

    these card usually go for 250.00 but they have them in pci express and agp versions for 179.00.

    I would like to get the x1950 pro but thats aloty more money then the other card i was mentioning.

    Im in canada btw is why you see my conversion in value different then what you see.

    Thanks again.
  6. The X1650 PRO will perform pretty much the same in AGP as in PCIe.

    I'm in Canada, too.
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