Lastpass won't work with this site's popup login box

Is there a non-popup box login page for this site?

I use the Lastpass password manager, but it doesn't see the popup login box this site uses.
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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but that page still pops up a box when you click the login link.

    I don't know what the issue is, because Lastpass does work with some pop-up forms. I'll have to take my question there.
  2. Just never log out. At Tom's once you're in, you're in.
    I never log out, yet I shut down my computer daily and never need to log in again if I haven't logged out.

  3. That's all fine and dandy but using Aurora (Firefox 6a2), I can't log in. Tabbing or clicking into the password field just bounces the cursor out with all addons disabled.

    No idea if it's a Aurora thing or a Tom's Hardware thing. I thought it would be worth pointing out however.
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