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Whenever I play a video game it runs fine for a little while then my vid card will freeze. Then I crtl alt del and its good again. But then sometime if crashes completely and either restarts my computer or its a black screen and I have to reset anyway. I have already updated my drivers for the card and still same problem any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help :)
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  1. My 9700 PRO AIW does the samething, except it happens when watching tv for long periods of time. Have you looked at your card lately? I mean have you physically checked out the fan/heatsink combo? Cause I will say that my fan fell off the heatsink and I never knew it. I replaced it with a zalman hp with fan combo. And from that point I have never had the issue again. Also you might jsut want to look into buying a new vid card. Like a x850xt pe or something.

    BTW I have my aiw 9700 overclocked to 360 core and 370 ram.
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