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hi all... I am having some difficulties with my old pentium 133... the problem is that during bootup, after checking the memory and the hard disks, right before it starts loading windows 98, it goes into the 'microsoft registry checker' to tell me that my system files have been corrupted and that the registry checker has restored good ones. problem fixed, right? unfortunately, it does this all the time, no matter how many times you reboot the computer. it sort of loops. it tells you that the problem is fixed but it is not so the next time it starts it goes to the same exact thing. the only way to get to windows is through safe mode... any suggestions guys?


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  1. Boot with your startup floppy. At c: prompt type "scanreg /fix". Then reboot without floppy.

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  2. I concur with Spdy this is a good solution, but if that doesn't fix ithe problem, try this: while booted with your startup disk, at C:\ prompt\windows, then CD Command, then Scanreg/Restore. You should see a screen with about 4 or 5 registry dates. select one of the most recent dates that you knew you system worked (with the current configuration). If this works you may want you download a freeware program called "Regclean". Once you are satisfied that your system is running correctly it would be a good idea to backup your registry.

    Otherwise, if you registry is really hosed up and you don't know how to fix it, then the last resort is to reformat and reinstall Windows from scratch.

    Hindsight...alway keep a current backup of your system files and registry in a separate location.

    Good luck.

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