Which GC for an older pc, needing 1400x900?

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for the help.
Could anyone point me in the direction of a decent (preferably budget) graphics card, thats capable of running 1400x900?
Its for an older machine, with an Acer 19" monitor that needs 1400x900.
Pentium 3, 256 Mb RAM, windows 2000
Really only used for office work, web browsing, no videos or games. Clarity is really whats needed.
In general, and for the future, how would I know what resolutions cards are capable of running?

Thanks again,
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  1. Well sonic, you need to know if you are running AGP, PCI, or PCI-e. If you want to search the web and listen to music, something like an older Radeon 9200 to a 9600 will be able to scale that resolution easily. 25 - 50$ is the damage :wink: . Most 2 - 3 year old cards would work for you. I'd preferably get one with at the least 128mb of videoram or more and some walmarts still sell these cards.

    Here's a pricing site to use. www.pricewatch.com

    Might I suggest you throw some more ram in there too. You'l be much better off when running even IE.

    Cheers :D
  2. Thanks Blacken - I posted last thing last night and forgot to specify what kind of card.
    The PC has both AGP and PCI slots, so I can choose either.
    I'm a bit shaky on AGP compatibility - ie 2x/4x/8x. The current card is AGP4x, so I'm assuming I should stick to something 4x compatible?
    I'd prefer an NVidia card to be honest - I've had trouble with ATI's support in the past.
    Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D

    Thanks for the help so far!
  3. I think almost any card currently for sale would satisfy you.

    There are some good deals on old AGP cards (Radeon 9600/9800 and Nvidia 6200) to be found, and even those are probably overkill.
    I assume you want something with a DVI connector (if your LCD has a DVI input), so almost any AGP4x card with a DVI connector will support your resolution.

    would satisfy your basic needs, as well as the older AGP 2/4X voltage standards


    If you find out that your monitor only has a VGA connector, then this would do as well :

  4. Superb! Thanks for the help, I'll probably pick up a card within the next few days.

    Thanks again,
  5. I know for a fact that GeForce4 MX series cards work with that resolution, thought I'd chuck that in there.
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