How much could i resell this for?

I'm thinking about buying this card to tide me over until midrange DX10 cards come out, but i want to be able to resell it for a reasonable price. My old 9600xt broke, and i've been running on integrated graphics on my new computer for about a month and a half, and the only game i've been able to play has been Warcraft3. I want to be able to play some FPSs and Guild Wars with a decent frame rate, but I don't want to put a lot of money into a GPU until the midrange DX10 cards come out (February-April?).

My question is, if i buy this card now, how much could I resell it for in about 4-6 months? Probably on ebay, but what other methods are good. I don't have much ebay experience, only about 2 other things, so maybe another way would work better.

Anyways, heres the card, its a 7600GS for $50.

Thanks for the help in advance everyone!
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  1. Wow. I'm looking on ebay and they're actually going for more than $50 right now. The exact card (7600gs XFX) is going for $62 + $15 shipping right now, with over an hour left, which means its bound to go up.
  2. You could probably resell it for as much as if you bought it there. Damn good price for a 150 dollar XFX.
  3. Just so you know, eVGA offers a step-up program in which you can trade in your original card for a better one up to 90 days after the original purchase, and all you pay is the difference in price between the two cards. You can't do it more than once for a given card, and they'll only honor the step-up if it was bought directly from them or from an authorized retailer (listed on their site). Go here to learn more.

    In three months mid range DX10 might not be out, but it would be worth it to get an eVGA card in case step-up turns out to be advantageous.

    As for eBay, it's impossible to say how much you'll get, but I'd say around what you're seeing now, depending on how informed your buyer is.
  4. That is a $130 card at Newegg now. At $50, you shouldn't lose anything reselling it in a few months.

    BTW, I couldn't pass on that one. Mine came last week. :wink:
  5. Oh 8O Silent even, very nice.
  6. yeah, which is a big plus for me on this one as it's going into a super-quiet non-gaming rig. Overkill for the needs, but the price was so right.
  7. That's crazy cheap.

    Even old 9800 PROs will go for $50 or more...
  8. *Kneels before Newegg*
  9. If not for the rebates, I would have ordered a few more of those 7600GS's. $50 is unreal., free shipping, no tax, and $20 off for Google checkout has had me buying stuff almost daily. So much cool crap is $7-9 shipped AR. (photo printer, 2GB USB 2.0 thumb drive, Creative IM cam pro, etc.) I got 512MB sticks Kingston PC3200 for $37 each delivered with no rebates. Not bad considering RAM prices lately.
  10. Can't go wrong with that card at that price for sure. As for resell value, like other have said, you'll probably be able to get you money back
  11. Good deal for a decent card.... 8O
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