Fx55 or Intel6300

I can put together a Fx55 rig with maybe a 7950gt or a E6300 with a 7900gs. This would be for gaming only. I know I could swap out a diff. GPU but in general for cost, I was just thinking about CPU's. Any comments would be great. Thanks
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  1. E6300, the FX55 is single core. Modern and future games will be multi-core, so the FX-55 isn't exactly competitive.
  2. 6300 if only because it's dual core as FX55 has a high enough clock to be a little faster for single threaded games. Next year is the year of multi-threaded games.
  3. yes what b.m. said
  4. an 7950 and an fx55 will actually play better than
    an e6300 and a 79gs.

    but as b.m. said next year the e6300 will be better.
  5. what bm prozac and myself are saying. prettymuch.

    go with the e6300 and what ever gpu you want.
    if you go with the fx55 you will have ddr memory.

    the e6300 uses ddr2 as does the amd socket am2.

    that will be the better future proof system.
  6. He!!, for 129 bucks it might be nice to get that FX sticker and unlocked multipliers Fx-55 129.99 (San Diego), but I would still go with the e6300 and depending if you are looking to overclock maybe even the e6400.
  7. A year or more ago, the FX55 was a decent cpu. It can overclock pretty well and is now a good price. But, as others have said, its single core and the future belongs to multi cores; dual, quad, and whatever else shows up.
  8. Ya, what the other said. But, the 6300 will perform better on current games if you decide to overclock it. Get the 6300 and get a motherboard that will allow for overclocking!
  9. I can only agree to what´s been said.But it´s tough to decide because of the video cards you list. For gaming,definately the 7950gt,no matter what cpu.But the FX-55 is only single core...Best answer is a few more bucks,but that´s always the problem,isn´t it?That´s why i run a 7600gt with a 3000+.
  10. E6300; nobody should consider singlecores any more if they have the budget for a dual or quad core. Even if one option a FX-55 or 57 (the best single core), a dual core is a dual core, end of the discussion.
  11. As everyone else has said, the FX55 was mighty, but its time is gone - it is an old chip, and that's why they're being discounted. The E6300 would be better.

    Best bet, bang for buck, however is an Opteron 165 or Opteron 170 right now (available from NewEgg if they haven't run out yet)... around $150 to $170, and they overclock from 40 to 50% almost every one. Not as fast as the very top E6600/E6700 C2D, but a lot cheaper. You would be stuck with DDR memory, however, which while not a performance problem in the least, would limit future upgrades.
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