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I regularly work with a program by niagara called WebStation AX, when using windows xp and some application specific changes are made. We can go into a web page and go to either localhost or and bring up a webpage designed within that program. However after upgrading to Windows 7 we have been unable to open this webpage. On my pc i bring up a webpage IIS7. My collegue gets a search page trying to explain where localhost is. We have tried a couple of fixes found on the internet however none of these have worked for this situation. What options do we have to bring up the website found using XP and localhost.
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  1. Is IIS installed on your Win 7 box?

    1. Click on Start, Control Panel and select "Programs and Features" category.

    2. Open Programs and Features, at the left pane, you will find "Turn Windows Features on or off", click on it.

    3. Scroll down to find Internet Information Server (IIS) and enable it to use Localhost functionality on your Windows 7 computer.

    If that doesnt work...

    Try this:

    For some reason in Vista and Windows 7 localhost doesn’t work out of the box. To get it working you have to add this line to the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file: locahost

    Now the hosts file is a Windows system file so the only way Windows will allow you to edit the file is if you do it as Administrator. To do this click Start and type CMD in the search box, when Windows shows cmd.exe right-click it and click run as administrator then when the DOS box opens type:

    edit c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    Then add the localhost line and save and close the file. Then localhost should work as it did in XP.

    Let me know.
  2. Chainzsaw,

    I added localhost to hosts, however I am still unable to bring up the localhost page. On my machine I do not see the option which you have mentioned unless it is named different on my machine. I have attached an image of the features which I see on the screen. The screen which I have is still the IIS 7 screen, I may not have IIS installed on this machine. If I do not what is the process I need to go through to install it.


  3. According to your screenshot, you already have IIS installed.

    So you published a webpage on YOUR local computer, but not your collegues? Of course it won't work that way.

    What you might want to do is publish that webpage on your collegues computer, since searches YOUR OWN computer.

    Just to clarify, is that screenshot from your computer, or your collegues?

    Are there any programs that are different on your computer compared to his?

    We may need help from someone else with more knowledge on this issue.
  4. Chainzsaw,

    I figured that I have IIS installed because when I go to a web site and attempt to bring up localhost it takes me to a website which referes to the IIS7 and when I click anywhere on that page it takes me to a page which is advertising and giving information on IIS7.

    I guess we need to figure out where the webpage for localhost is found to have it look to the WEBstation AX program when it is running.
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