Just a heads up

Found another minor thing that I really don't know who to report to. It's really not a big deal.

On your homepage, half way down under 'charts' on the left side, am I the only person who sees a picture of a Hard Drive under the 'Processors' link?

Like I said, it really doesn't matter... just a heads up that it's there. Maybe it's just on my side, too. :D Got bored and figured I may as well post this.
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  1. I reviewed it and I don't see a hard drive or it doesn't look like one to me :D Of course, I just go done playing 3 hours of COD BO, so my eyes might not be caught up with a non-moving screen :lol:

  2. Maybe it's just my problem. If it's on only on my end, then I'll wipe my temp files and see if it changes. If not, then I'm probably the most detail-oriented news reader you'll ever meet. :D
  3. Very interesting... I'm seeing the same thing you are now. Last night I saw this image instead (minus the bar chart)...

  4. Huh... strange...
    I just cleared my browsing history and it went back to the same image as it should be... I'll have to wait and see if it reverts to a hard drive again.

    Funny how the little things always end up being more interesting than you first expected...
    I'm running Firefox 4, by the way. ;)
  5. Same here :)
  6. Argh, it's back again... same thing on IE9...
    Strange little thing, that thumbnail. :heink:
  7. I see the two hard drives too. (FFIV)
  8. Thanks for catching this one, too. It has been reported as a bug and will be tended to in short order.
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