Couple of new 120mm Case fans for an Antec p180 - advice!

Getting a new system and going to OC it so want to make sure it's cool but also want to keep it quite.

I've been looking at case fans to put onto my Antec p180 system and these seem like awesome fans:

Arctic Cooling 120mm Fan AF12025
Arctic Cooling Arctic Fan 12

56CFM at 24.5 and 23.5 db respectively.

(I'm looking here to choose one:

This one:
Scythe S-FLEX 120mm Fan SFF21F
Moves 63.7CFM at 28dBA but I'm not too sure about noise levels and so dont know how loud this would be.
To me anyway the Arctics seem like the best - thats a lot of air and sounds like its pretty much silent.

Any advice?
Also, I read somewhere that the Arctic Fan 12 wont fit onto an Antec p180, just wondering if anyone knows if thats true or false?
If its true, would the AF12025 fit onto an Antec?

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  1. Spoke to the guy in the shop and he doesn't think the 12 will fit in my case (he has one).

    Gonna get 3 of these:

    Arctic Cooling 120mm Fan AF12025 - $15
    1500rpm, 56.3 CFM, 24.5dBA

    They seem extremely cheap and very quiet/good.

    Any comments about them or suggestions of better ones for that sound level?

  2. Ever heard of the SilenX series? Theyre available at
    If youve got the money, theres nothing better for a case fan.
  3. every tried these?
    Found a bunch of reviews from quite a few people saying that those fans suck.

    When I first read the specs they sounded awesome but I've read a load of reviews saying all the specs are bogus however.

    Do you own one or are you just reading the specs?
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