Spark LAN: RG-2240

Anyne has this dual WAN router?

can you help me, coz my router does not automatically load balance, it always go to WAN2 not on both WAN

btw WAN1 is PPOE, WAN2 is static IP came from another router on a another computer , coz the modem is acting as router too, and has a WEB portal before you can use the internet.

is there a way where i can by pass the web portal and go directly setup to the dual router... please help

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  1. Load balancing doesn't really work the way it sounds. If you have two 1.5Mbps internet connections you wont necessarily get 3Mbps download speeds. It will just allow two people to get 1.5Mbps download speeds at the same time or have two different downloads go at 1.5Mbps speeds.

    Are you sure RG-2240 is the model of that router? I cant find anything online about it. If it is so unknown that not even google can find it your problem is probably that it is a piece of junk, lol.
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