Can I OC my Dell XPS?

I have a 2 year old Dell XPS Gen 3. Its got an Intel 925x based mobo, a 3.2ghz Prescott CPU, and 1gb of 533mhz ddr2 ram.
My system runs exceptionally cool. I have NEVER felt any hot air coming out of the back of my computer and I cannot tell the difference from Room Temperature when I stick my hand in my case.

Is there a SAFE, SIMPLE, and RELIABLE way to OC my pc. I would like if I could get my CPU up to 3.4 or 3.6ghz. Perhaps even my GPU which is an x800se running 128mb or ddr1 ram.

I know that Dell and other OEMs take out OCing features from the motherboards in their products, but I seem to remember a computer saavy friend OCing one of the Dell Optiplex Celeron PCs in my school computer room (fried it.) Anyhow, this isnt a priority, I'd just like to know for knowledge's sake.

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  1. Can't say I honestly know much about the topic but I'll throw this out there for others to build on, do some research and see if you can flash the bios with a tweakble version, and if you get desperate theres probably some 'in OS' software you can use but thats a last resort. You probably could get 3.6 out of that CPU not sure about the GPU though.
  2. I could be wrong, but I really don't think you'll have any luck succesfully overclocking your Dell. The real way to do that is through the bios and almost all name brand systems don't give any options there. The system is set up with as few options as possible for any real tweaking.

    There's many reasons why many people build their own if they're looking for performance without paying way too much.
  3. NO!
  4. replace the mobo, then you'll be fine.

    but i seriously dont think you'll be able to with that pc. i heard of a guy who had a dell and he found out that the mobo he had was similar to a commercial mobo made by the same company. he managed to flash his bio's with those of the commercial version of his board, and he managed to oc the thing a little. if theres any truth to that i dont now.
  5. Quote:
    Is there a SAFE, SIMPLE, and RELIABLE way to OC my pc.
    Its not overclocking - the but the simple way to get 3.6Ghz is a CPU replacement. If the Dell community forums don't have answers to overclocking there, answers probably don't exist.
  6. Definently a new mobo. Intel doesn't support CPU or memory overclocking at all which kinda stinks. Supposively the XPS 710's run a overclockers motherboard.
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