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What is the best wireless router for G connection?

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May 15, 2006 8:15:54 PM

Hello. Sorry if this was mentioned in the forum, but I was wondering what is the best wireless router for the G connection. I have a dsl modem that has the wireless B connection integrate into it and the signal is everywhere in my house. My room is like 60-70 feet away and have 2 walls between my modem and my centrino laptop. The signal is like at 5 strength.

I also have a 54 b/g modem from linksys and the signal is pretty bad. When I connected it at the same spot where my wireless access point was, the signal was at 2 or sometime 1. This is unbearable because it works like at a 1 mb connection instead of atleast 11mb like my B connetion.

So my question is, what is the best wireless router for a G connection that has a super good range. I mean I dont expect a full 54mb connection but atleast 30+ or more you know?

ps: This modem has my wireless B connection. Works like a charm. 2WIRE HomePortal 1000HW. Is there any product out there that is as good as this but not so price high? like around 50-70 bucks?

Thanks very much if ya respond. Gladly apprieciated

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May 16, 2006 7:42:42 PM

The 2 wire pna works about the same speed as a 11b. A friend of mine has this, works to get access to his upper floors. But you can not use a ups unit with them. UPS units isolates a ground/nutral in such a way they don't work.

As for wireless.

The problem lies with the low gain antennas used on wireless routers, and LT. The reason I went router+AP route. Replace the 2dbi antennas on the router with some high gain type (5dbi), or beam if in the same location. Also some of the wireless cards in lap top suck (raylink). Only good for line of site. I can cover my whole house with my AP on Low power, 50' 4 walls. The problem I have is that everyone wants to connect to it before I hid SSID, 256 bit WPA.