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I seem to be having problems with my printer that are driving me crazy.
I will give some details. The printer is an HP Photosmart 1315. I tried connecting it to a USB connection. After about 2 weeks I finally gave up on this. After spending way too much time with different tech support it finaly came down to the Via USB chips on my mobo not being supported by HP.
So I gave up on USB and went with parallel.
This is working fine until I use the Add New Hardware Wizard in the control panel. Once it starts, it seems the printer loses communication with the computer and a message pops up telling my this. When I try to click OK, the computer crashes and resets.
Would anyone have a clue as to what it could be? I have written to HP about this too.
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  1. Are you using windowsXP?? I know the 1315, D136 and the PSC750 and PSC950 have problems with Windows XP. Also I know the 1315 had a memory probelm that make them get very far in behind in production so a lot of stores where short on them for a while.
  2. I am using Win98.
    Im almost at a point where I want to take a gun and shoot this printer.
    It has been a nightmare. I work for a company that sells HP products ans I have already told them about all the problems with this product and how disappointed with it I am.
  3. Most HP printers require you to eun the install program from the installation CD - using the "add new hardware wizzard" doesn't always work.

    and don't blame HP for crappy VIA southbridges.

    - JW
  4. I did try this. The problem is the Via chips. And I never blamed HP for this, but if I have an Epson printer hooked up to the USB ports with out any problems and I buy a new printer and it creates chaos something needs to be done. Via does not seem to be willing to fix this problem, and I am not alone with this problem. And its not just the Photosmart printers with this problem, others have written in about other HPs with the same problems. So maybe HP needs to look at their drivers.
    I installed the printer drivers exactly as the HP paperwork says to install it. I have spent a long time working on this problem, the only solution from anyone I have gotten is to use the parallel port instead. Which I have done.
  5. And also, I am not using the "Add New Hardware wizard" to add the printer. I was using the wizard to add new hardware after the printer was already installed.
  6. Did you make sure that you parallel port settings in the bios are EPP or ECP 1.9 or higher, and not set at SPP?
  7. Yeah, I finally figured out that thats the way it has to be set. I havent had trouble since doing that.
    But thanks for the reply
  8. USB *ughhhh* I dont think that it was an issue between HP and VIA chipset. I dont know what all the issues were but it soundslike you couldnt get the printer installed. This is an issue with HP printers and FAT32 OS's (98 and ME). Printer was being detected by SW cause SW already though printer was in there. Whenyou plugged in that USB cable entries were created in the registry and were not removed by the uninstaller on the disk.


    you will find which values and keys need to be deleted. Call HP again and get someone who knows wht they are talking about and let them take you through.
    Save your registry before making any changes.

    :smile: <font color=red>Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do! :wink: <font color=black> Think outside the box!
  9. err - Printer WASN'T being detected by SW cause SW already though printer was in there.

    *SW = software = HP printer installer*

    :smile: <font color=red>Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do! :wink: <font color=black> Think outside the box!
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