Plextor 760A not not opening and closing smoothly.


I just picked up Plextor PX-760A yesterday. To me the tray seems to open and close in very peculiar manner:
- when opening, it starts fast and then half way slows down to a crawl until fully opened.
- when closing, it start medium fast then slows down to a crawl, then 2/3 in accelarates again and slams shut.

Is it normal with these drives?


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  1. That does not sound normal :cry:

    Make sure you unplug the power lead to the drive, check the pins are aligned, and refit.

    If the problem persists, it is faulty.
  2. Mine is exactly the same - I was worried that it was due to my changing the bezel too roughly, but your post puts my mind more at ease. It's worth pointing out that the drive is supposed to have a variable speed motor so that it can be put into "SilentMode", but the default behaviour is odd. I think the only damage it could do is wear down the mechanism faster due to unnecessary acceleration and deceleration.
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