Possible 680i problems?


Yeah yeah, its a link, so sue me. Just some info for all you 680i fanboys out there :wink:
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  1. Well i am just about finished with my very first build.
    see below

    Now I am really worried :cry: :oops:
  2. Looks like I will go with the DQ6 or wait for Rev. 2 of the 680i boards. Thanks Doughbuy for pointing that out.

    I haven't heard anything but good things about the boards so I wouldn't worry too much grant8844. Friend of mine built a rig right when the eVGA came out and has had nothing but great overclocking and rock solid stability. He has 4 HDD's and 7950GT's in SLi and no issues.
  3. Wow .... I'm worried as well. I'm running mine at 3.4 so far no problems

    2G Corsiar 6400DC4
    eVGA 680i
    150 G Raptor
    250 G (WD x 2)

    I hope i don't get problems
  4. From the linked article...
  5. I'm fairly certain most of the boards are fine, they said that some of the problems are on some boards, and it seems kind of spotty. Also, it's mainly a Raid issues and other non-cpu related issue, so if you don't use Raid, it shouldn't be too much of an issue maybe... shrug
  6. I'm still going to give it a shot. My friend stashed a P5N32-E SLi for me, 280$ canadian, not bad. I will be using 2 raptors in raid, so if I have problem I will simply RMA it and either try another one or go with a DQ6/P5B dlx. I will keep you guys updated in a week or so.

    I will be a guinea pig with my Sata opticals, Raid 0 , Tuniq tower ~3.6ghz Oc and so on, should be insightful =)
  7. I just completed my system build and got it up and running.

    However, as I was installing windows the video output just quit. no signal from video card to monitor. When the monitor was working I also was getting the error message "not enough virtual memory or page file to complete specified operation" when I tried to boot into windows.

    I called eVGA and they immediately answered the phone. The technical rep "Peter" was very helpful and thought that my two problems were caused by system memory problems not video.

    He looked up my memory config on the Cosair site and found that Corsair recommends 2.1 volts for this memory instead of the bios default of 1.8

    I changed this and all is working now.

    eVGA was very helpful solving a problem that was NOT caused by their video card.

    Very nice support from eVGA
  8. duplicate
  9. Good to know, eVga need to build up that kind of reputation in the motherboard market and they should be considered a solid player.

    How is your P5N32-E so far, not running raid I guess?
  10. still working fine for now.
    I do not plan to use raid

    We are out of power here in the Seattle area so I have not completed installing all of the drivers. I do not want to use the system while on my emergency generator.

    More than a millon people lost power because of a major wind storm last night. dozens of trees on top houses in our area. we will be out of power for many days
  11. profound sadness!

    The same problem is back big time.
    System boots with no video output.

    This is an intermittent failure, sometimes it works?

    Cannot tell whether it is the video card or something else.
    Talked to eVGA again and they suggested that it may not be posting at all..

    My case does not have a case speaker that I could find so I cannot hear the post beeps

    My mobo does not have a post readout so I can tell what the problem is

    See my config below.

    possible causes = memory, mobo, video card, ???

    Anyone have any suggestions on next steps?

    e.g. get a case speaker?
    RMA everything back to newegg
    Take the system to PC Club and have them fix it?
    Or someone else?

    I live in Bellevue WA
    Would someone like to help?
    or salvage my system?

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  12. i heard that if you go to EVGAs site there is a BIOS update and new drivers you are supposed to download them b4 you even boot up the system using a floppy which is kinda stupid. many ppl have been saying that on the newegg reviews and saying it works. so try it.
  13. Visions

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Do you mean update the bios on the evga video card or on the asus mobo?

    Just went to the eVGA website and it is "down for maintenance"
  14. Well Asus had a new bios not long ago. But with no video, kinda hard to flash!
    I would find some friend with another PCIe card so I can try it over the weekend.

    basically, you want to boot, flash to latest BIOS, run memtest.

    If the a new viedo card doesn't work, then you know it's most likely the Motherboard.
    You can try other PCIe slots, it might get to the bios saying you need to use another PCIe you will know it's not your video card.

    Here's a few debugging thread =)
  15. Hi Labbbby

    I changed my memory stick and took out and reset the video card and booted and everything worked great.
    I put in an ethernet cable rebooted and no video.

    This sequence has happened before.
    I reset the video card in the slot and every thing works for a while.
    then it goes back to no video

    the system boots up, cpu fan starts than later the case fans start.
    system checks the dvds and the floppy.

    I tried putting the windows install disk in the dvd to see if it would boot from there. looked like it read the cd and was writing to the hd. but did not activate the display


    Another question.
    I sometimes check the mem voltage setting in the bios. when l look, it always says 'auto' even if i had changed it to 2.1 from 1.8
    is this normal? wierd again?

    I will try another video card as you suggest.

    This may be a problem, I live in the Seattle area and we had a major wind storm Thurs night and have 1.5 million people without power .
    Lot's of trees on houses. We have a generator so we do have power if we want. most others do not!

    Another question.
    I tried to create a bios update for the mobo.
    I created a bootable floppy using windows and moved the 1.05 bios to the floppy.
    got a disk full message.
    redid everything. got the same message

    guess I need to delete some of the files. but which ones?

  16. Does anyone know of any KNOWN ISSUES with the ASUS P5N32-E SLI nForce 680i SLI?? The striker is a litle too high in price for the extras IMO.
    I haven't heard of any issues yet.

  17. mcparty

    you have to be kidding.
    read my posts above
  18. Grant5544,
    I did. Not to sound like a smart ass but when I said "KNOWN ISSUES" I meant something common effecting a decent amount of people who bought the ASUS P5N32-E SLI nForce 680i SLI, not just you. One user does not make a known issue. (Of course if it was me instead of you having that problem, I'd feel the same way you do right now!).

    I guess what I'm asking is... Is what's happening to you happening to a lot of others??
  19. update on my issues

    I created a bootable floppy.
    booted from it
    video works this way.

    copied the 0405.bin file to a floppy
    put that floppy in drive

    How do I excute a .bin file from dos?
    I have a A:\> prompt

    Sorry, I figured it out.
    have to load a utility .exe file and run that

    did that and video is working for now

    the good news in all of this is that given that I can see video from dos, the video card is probley ok??????
  20. That is a weird issue indeed. I would bet it is related to BIOS issues, especially stuff like the voltage going back to AUTO all the time...

    With Asus, you have asus update, now that you can boot into windows, you can use it to flash from windows.

    I tend to prefer the floppy way anyway. I suggest you use The win98 no ramdrive

    I think it should fit...
    Or simply use EZ flash, explained at page 4-5

    About known Issues, some people have sound crackling(fixed I think) some people have SATA corruption(some workaround can usually be found). You can browse Asus forum and eVga forum for more insight!
  21. labbbby


    after updating the bios.
    a reboot and I have video

    however, I rebooted again and now no video!!!
    Is my memory on the approved list?

    maybe it is RMA time for my Asus mpbo

    suggestions please
  22. The QVL for ram is meaningless

    Download memtest+, burn a CD let it run a few loop(1h or so) if there's no error, the ram is not the culprit.

    You might always give a shot to asus tech support...
  23. Damn, I thought the Sata problem was pretty much a reference board thing (Evga and the like).
  24. Hi Labbbby

    I called the ASUStech support number on the web site
    this number is for laptop systems only and is not available on weekends. do you have a better number for ASUS tech support?

    Any ideas why the video works for one boot after I make a change (like the bios update above) and then does not work on the second boot.
    acts like something is being corrupted during the boot process . . ..
  25. Hi mcparty

    yea, I thought the HD problem was with raid HDs not on regular sata drives?
  26. Hi everyone

    Check out this link!


    This describes my mobo & ram configuration exactly with the same problems I am having.

    any suggestions now???

    Is this in some ways good news because it identifies this as a more general problem?
  27. Hi
    Any one with an evga 680i that is having SATA issues head over to evga mobo forums there is a beta bios p23 that addresses the problem :)

    Hope this helps.
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