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I.m trying to build myself a nice cheap little system manly for games, and for upgrading as i get the money. i've read alot over the last few weeks but just getting more confused. Here is what i've picked/guessed at


2 of these



hope these links work....first time for everything

As you may have guessed i really don't know what i'm on about , i'm confident with building it but which components to use head hurts to many options.
i'm going to recycle everything else from my current pc, case included,
my psu is 230v is this enough for just now.

Is this setup good for ugrading as i get the cash
is it good for games (RTS MAINLY)
Can i get the same for cheaper or much better for slighlty more
also would getting two cheaper cards give better preformance (using sli) than the one i've got .
any other advice would be great also.
oh and a silly question does the cpu come with a fan or do i buy

I am thinking of giving overclocking a go but on my current pc and not till i'm in the know so it doesn't come into things right now

I know this type of questions are asked alot but i really do need advice
Thanks in advance
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  1. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with UK pricing, but what's your budget? That will be your determining factor.

    Budget aside, the specs you show represent a decent gaming rig on the cheap. Sounds like you're on tight budget and will reuse a number of your current components, so that will help save you money.

    For a gaming rig, your CPU is fine, 1 gig RAM will suffice, that mobo is fine, and that GPU is a great bang-for-the-buck product.

    However, you WILL need to upgrade your PSU, no question. Find something in the 400-450 watt range, with some good amperage on the 12v rail......I can't seem to find what amperage the 7600GT needs right now.......I seem to recall something in the 26A range..........
  2. You'll want to invest in a new power supply. Honestly don't think 230W is going to be enough. You can get a decent 400W PSU for fairly cheap.
  3. cheers for comming back so quick.

    budget is 300 and counting
    i've got 300 to spare right now but i work for my self and have the odd hundred pounds to spare every now and then so mabye 400 , 450 max as i want the new system soon, only thing that could convince me spending more would be a really big jump in preformance for slightly more.

    PSU new one needed CHECK
  4. Heh, what's the conversion rate? If I knew how much you had to spend in US$, it would be easier. But then you'd still have to get your parts from UK sites, so Im' not sure that would be much help.
  5. 300 pounds is about 589 dollars
    400 pounds is about 785
  6. Ok, these are from newegg, so you'll have to find them on your UK site to cross reference prices. I know the VAT will play a part. Also, how many drives from your old system are you using? Most new motherboards only have one connection for IDE drives, which means only using 2 devices. ir. one HDD and one CD.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Conroe 1.86GHz
    BIOSTAR TForce965PT Socket T
    CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667
    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN PSU
    eVGA 256-P2-N615-TX GeForce 7600GT 256MB
    $595US shipped. Leaves you room to upgrade to an SATA hard drive, expecially if you have more than 1 IDE CD drive you want to use. Again, look them up on your UK site, and cross reference the prices. Someone else may be able to give you another UK site as well, to compare prices.
  7. got me worried now don't know nothing about psu other that the wat
    is this 1 ok?i will be getting another gpu so I do need SLI certified don't I

    and the cpu has a fan with it yes/no
  8. cheers for that gonna give it all a good read back soon
  9. First off thanks for the time and effort

    forgive me if some of my points are daft

    cpu- intel i'm worried i've alway's had amd but if its better.
    The amd i sugested is 2.2 ghz i understand this is dual core but when it comes to games that require min 2 ghz will this work, I don't really undertand the dual core stuff is it 1.86ghz each core (you may laugh).

    mobo- It all depends if i go with your cpu I have been reading mainly AMD reviews so i'll trust you. Its not got sli but do i need it , I thought it sounded good for the future but i have read some folk suggesting it may not be worth it especially with dx10 comming.

    I've got 1 hard drive and 1 dvd in my current system but i do have a few dvd/cd drives lying about and did think about sticking one in the new system , mabye a sata drive is needed MORE READING cause i don't know anything about them either

    Another thing, is this mobo good for me getting a new cpu or better RAM when i get more cash and the prices come down,

    again your time and effort is greatly appreciated
  10. my current system is

    amd athlonxp 1800+ @ 1533.33mhz
    geforce fx 5200 128mb
    512mb 133mhz (2 x 128 and 1 x 256)
    160 gb hard drive forget the name

    will i see i huge difference with either my specs or what you have suggested.
  11. Personally, I think SLI is a waste of money. For the price of 2 cards for SLI, you can buy 1 that's just as good or better.

    Intell has surpassed AMD recently as the top dog. Don't let the 1.87 on the 6300 fool you. Remember it has 2 cores, and will run circles around your current AMD 1800 and the 2.2 you listed. Not to mention it's an awesome OCer. The mobo I listed will be fine for upgrading your ram if you wanted to. CPU as well depending on what comes out in the future and the technology is always changing. I'm going to list a couple of different items that I think are upgrades, but should still keep you in budget.

    GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 Socket T

    There is also a GA-965P-S3 version that might save you a few dollars. Just check the difference on your UK web site.

    G.SKILL 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800

    That memory will be better and shouldn't need to be "upgraded". It will also serve you better if you decide to overclock in the future. Both the Gigabyte and Biostar boards are supposed to be good for OCing. I just trust the Gigabyte brand a bit more. That Biostar board is supposed to be decent though.
  12. starting to like the sound of the dual core

    I had a little look for the mobo cpu and ram and its comming in at about 295 with a psu that makes 350 max with shipping and VAT included which is great could even push for a case mabye

    prices here are worse on the cpu its about 30 my money 58 your money of a difference if i could get them shipped would US components work over here , Don't suppose thats something you would need to know.

    as for overclocking i am interested but I'd like to try it on my AMD first after i get the new system , think it needs unlocking, I take it the intell doesn't

    cheers for the effort, i'm gonna have a look and see if i can get the price down as i've only had a wee look. It all sounds good though

    One major problem is can i wait till jan and see if the price's fall or will i get to excited and just do it now :?
  13. Correct, the Intel CPUs don't need to be unlocked. The only thing to limit you would be the mobo. But as I said, both of the ones I listed will do wonders in the OC department.

    Was wondering about your case. Make sure it's big enough to hold the mobo. If your current PC was a factory built system, those cases can be pretty small. Might measure it, and check it vs. the specs on the new mobo.

    As far as OCing, it won't be the same on your current AMD, and your current mobo may not allow it at all. There's tons of info on the web about it, and if you haven't, read wusy's guide in the Overclocking section. It's a sticky under CPU. Even if you decide not to, you won't be disappointed with the 6300.

    Here's a good case if you decide you need one:
    COOLER MASTER Centurion 534 RC-534-KKN2-GP

    Prices may come down after the first of the year, but remember, they may go up. :) I checked my stuff a week after I ordered it, actually went up by about $20 over all. your choice on that one.
  14. my case is a mid tower mabye bigger my bro bought it when he built the system, or bought the components slapped them together and got lucky
    he know's less than me , and the system he built has been problem free for years

    here's my current motherboard
    VIA Technologies GA-7ZXE Motherboard

    any idea if it can OC

    I have read loads of stuff on OCing but i guess I need to try to get fully clued up. I know there's a difference depending on the system/cpu i have got loads on my AMD gonna have to read up on intell now
  15. Quote:
    VIA Technologies GA-7ZXE Motherboard

    No clue on that one, bro. Just go into the bios and see what it'll let you do.

    The C2D CPUs OC rather easily with the right board. As long as you know your way around the bios, and follow a good guide, should be a piece of cake.
  16. Most VIA boards for Socket A did not have PCI/AGP bus locks, so your overclocking would be very limited before your buses are too far out of whack and you start getting data corruption.

    In other words: No overclocking for you. Bad. Not yours.


  17. cheers for all the help ppl especally you AMDthunder
    no OCing dam ,mabye give it a go on the new system just scared i blow the thing up
    i'm off to bed now got an early start
    so i'll say goodmorning and goodnight for now
  18. I agree with Thunder, SLI isn't worth it. I have dual 7600gt's and I wish I just spent the money on a 7900gt or something instead of buying the second 7600. I'm not that impressed with SLI.
    Also, don't go with socket 939, it's almost obsolete. If you want to be able to upgrade in the future, then go the intel route. It seems you can't go wrong with the c2d and the prices are reasonable.
  19. Right i'm going for the c2d and i need more advice
    is it worth going for the e6400 over the e6300 with or without me attempting overclocking

    Also I've picked a cheapo case with a psu Is this gonna be a problem its 400w ,even if it last's untill i get a new PSU in 6 months to a year.
    cheapo case

    getting the gigabyte mobo it will fit?!?
  20. The GB board should fit. If it were as big as my old Asus board, I may question it, but it isn't. :)

    No idea on the PSU in that case. I didn't see any way to get the specs on it. The 7600GT isn't exactly power hungry, but you'll want to make sure you have enough juice. May hold of on trying to OC till you can afford a better PSU.

    I personally didn't see the need to upgrade to the 6400. If you'll simply be gaming, surfing the web, etc., there's no need ot upgrade to the 6400. Especially if you may eventually OC.

    *edit* Almost forgot, you'll need a couple of fans for that case. Doesn't look like it comes with any. One fron, one rear should be fine.
  21. Ok thanks again, its the little things like fans not in the case that can really get u thought it would be standard on all.

    As for the cpu, Are you sure, doesn't the e6400 overclock as easy as the e6300 seems to (I've been reading up), I know i might not need it now but with the power hungry games out now what will they be like in the future and i aint planning getting a whole new system for as long as possible, The e6400 is only 20 pounds more and it seems silly not to.
    How many times have i said that to myself while trying to decide which components to use....."only 20 quid more", even tho i still think this one may be worth it, can't see how the 20 pounds is gonna help else where.

    About the ram I can't seem to find the same ram as u suggested so with regards to OCing I was thinking any ram with the same specs and (can't remmember what they call it) a thing to spread the heat (heat spreader? :lol: ), anything else i should be watching for? Is a brand name best?
    Another thing should i get 2 x 512mb or 1 gb ram as it could save a bit of money I think I have read that having two is better but could i get by with 1gb with a plan to get another even if It took me a while to get it.

    I was planning to wait for a better PSU untill I attempted OCing was just worried cause i've read the cheap ones can cause problems-Is this only when OCing?
    anywhoo thanks again for your imput seems you've convinced me to change my whole set up but to be honest I didn't even consider INTELL when I was considering my build and now i'm boasting to my bro that i'm gonna get a dual core :oops:
  22. If you don't mind spending the extra 20 on the 6400, go for it. Thought you were on a fairly tight budget, so that's why I said the 6300.

    As for the ram, could you not find the G. Skill at all? There's lots of good ram out there that you can get and not spend a fortune. See what you can find in your budget, and post the links here. Will let you know what to pick from there. Maybe the extra 20 you want to spend on the 6400 will come in handy there. :)
  23. here is everthing i'm gonna get, have a look and see what u think


    I have found the ram u suggested but on a different site but i think its cheaper to get it all or most from the same place shipping and all, That aside I am paying top dollar for this RAM so i hope its real good,Is it :?
    Fairly confident on the specs except on lattency 8O no idea and OCing

    AH ITS ONLY 20 QUID MORE :lol:


    Kind of worried about this but the price jump for any of the names I've heard of are unreal, I really don't need a case as i have 4 or 5 old pc's lying about and my current pc case is big enough but its the PSU I'm after :idea: mabye have another look at just the PSU.
    As far as i can tell the mobo will fit but it is as big as the case can handle.
    And i've got more fans if needed even tho this one does have with it

    Comes in at 451 thats $871 see the price difference, Ram is almost double the price your paying. Bloody V.A.T.
    Mabye i'll post another topic asking for uk folk to suggested cheaper/better places to buy but as far as i've found these are the cheapest or not far off.
    If I could find away to get the US sites to ship it here I think it would be much cheaper even with the extra shipping but don't know if there compatable, mabye some PSU converter is needed.

    Well with an origonal budget of 300 I am fairly over budget but i work for myself so its just a case of working a little bit harder. Why didn't I go out to work today :roll:

    ANYHOO THANKS AGAIN you have helped loads and hopefully there is not too much to comment on this time but i thought that at the start so will wait and see.
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