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Hello :o

How do I change this Eye Burning, White Blaring Background ?
I tried system colors and all I get changed is the tables background in the main table, consequent submenus I get white background in tables too.
Let me define this again for retarded website designers, Paper is white, it does not create color through illumination or otherwise pushing it at your eyes, at worst it deflects light. Monitors are like a flashlight sending it to you, WHITE as background is NOT an option !!!

Save the Eyes Foundation, :sol:
No I will not wear sunglasses at computer and no I don't want distorted colors on my monitor.
Main pet peeve, I'm allowed my rants.... :heink:
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  1. You must have big issues with Google.

    Incidentally, a new design *is* actually on the way. It renders a bit smoother, but it's still quite white.
  2. Could try turning your monitor brightness down a bit. If white 'burns your eyes out' something is wrong with your setup.

    Here is a decent site for setting your LCD up correctly (stock settings are terrible): http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/
  3. I have yet to hear one valid argument for white backgrounds.
  4. Black (text) stands out on White!
  5. rolli59, black text stands out on light gray to medium gray, pastel colors too.
    White, yellow, green, cyan, light gray, light blue and pink stand out on all dark backgrounds.
    It's a failed designer choice (and cookie cutter website default) to have white backgrounds.
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