I went with a ati radeon x1650 pro 512 mb video card...

I just upgraded my video card instead of doing a overhall of mother board and reinstall from my original 9800xt 256 mb.

But one thing is that 9800xt lasted me 3 years and still kicking in my second system.

So now my system is a athlon 64 3200+ with 1.5 mbram, 36 gig raptor harddrive 10,000 rpm, ati radeon x1650 pro 512 mb video card with 7.1 sound card.

So I tried counter strike source and it seemed alot smother.

I like it so far but it isn't like it was a massive overhall on the graphics card but it does seem smother, and my 9800xt 256 mb card is still a strong card, I just can't believe how good that card was overall.

I'll do a huge upgrade to pci express in a year or so.

What place can i do a test on my system score or benchmark stuff?

Thanks again
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  1. Grab up 3DMark 03/05/06 to bench your videocard. SiSoft Sandra will bench each one of your components; recomend also.
  2. Honestly, the X1650 pro is better, but isn't alot better than the 9800XT. The 9800XT is pretty close to the X1600 pro.

    To compare the two cards, run 3dmark03 and 3dmark05 (look at Sm2.0 test). But it would be best in the same system as the scores will be higher in a quicker system. Also, you can download FRAPS free edition and see the framerates in the games you play at the saem settings.
  3. what do you think i should upgrade to then in agp, don't know if i can return the card if i already installed it and tried it lol.

    Could try never hurts lol

    amd 64 3200+ 1.5 gig ram, 36 gig hd raptor, with 7.1 sound

  4. It's a decent card so no sweat if you can't return it. And it is better than the 9800XT in both performance and features, just not a huge leap ahead like a 7600GT or X1650XT would be. Faster cards would be the X1950 pro(king of AGP), then 7800GS/ 7600GT/X850XT(no SM3.0)/X1650XT(not yet available). It just depends on the games you play and the resolution you game out. If you got a decent price or can't return it, just enjoy the new card. If you paid over $150's (USD)and can return it, I'd personally look for a better card.
  5. i paid 169.99 from futureshop and im in canada.

    I got 70-80 off the card from the original price it was a sale for 4 days today is the last day for the sale.

    I don't see the 1950xt for agp anywhere up here.

    but i was checking the specs and has like 48 pips and etc sound insane.

    the x1650 pro 512 is the first card i bought sinsei bought my 2 systems back in jan of 04 lol.

    the main system had a 9800xt 256 mb card in i all this time and I liked it but thought maybe i try something new and try a new game like rainbow six new one looks sick.

    my second system is exactly tghe same as my first but has a asus 256 in it can't remember the name exatly but was a nice card for the money but nothing compaired to the 9800xt i had.
  6. ANyway, there really is no performance difference between the AGP and PCI-e versions, so look at these charts:

    Take Farcry for example and you can see how good the X1950 pro is. Then the X1650XT and 7600GT are about equal (7800GS would be about same as 7600GT). Compare that to the X1650 pro like you have and the 7600GS (about equal). The closest thing to your 9800XT's performance level is the X1300XT, although they are very different cards so use that comparison loosely. Granted this is high res and details, so look over the games and resolution that matters to you.
  7. $170 Canadian is not a bad price.

    There is no X1950XT AGP, just the X1950 pro. They are hard to find in stock. I see them ranging from $238 out of stock to $300 in stock in the USA. Expensive, but they destroy the $190-$220 7600GT and 7800GS AGP's. Hopefully X1650XT's will soon be available and priced more like $150-170.

    I know you can't buy these, but here are a few to look at:
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