this is just WEIRD. Strange router behaviour within.

Ok, probably best I explain what is actually involved here.

Router: Zyxel 660H-61

2 PC's (PC#1 and PC#2 for easy reference, PC#1 is the primary pc, but PC#2 was used for testing purposes and generaly closeness to the phoneline)
Both PC's are XP SP2, both are wired to the router.

Broadband connection 2mb.

Ok, basically whats happening is. Since I changed to the Zyxel router, a connection to just 1 ftp server (just the 1) has become vastly slow, struggling even to to maintain 2kb/sec. Now pre zyxel router, it worked at a speedy 200ishkb/sec. Any other connection, ftp, http, irc or whatever is as it always was, very fast. But just this one connection.

Now my first thought was a problem on the server, some kind of limitation or bandwidth problem. So to prove it wasn't my PC#1, i tested the same ftp on PC#2, same problem. So then I pulled out the ol' speedtouch 330 and wired up PC#2 to connect to the broadband using the dialup account method. Tested the ftp and guess what, full speed.

My question is what the hell does the router have against this one and I mean only this one ftp server. There is nothing particularly different about it. As I've used many servers running the same server software without a problem.

any thoughts and ideas would be helpful as this one has got me.

cheers. :D
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  1. Were there any special settings on the old router? Port forwarding, dmz zone, etc?
    Go thru the old routers settings real good and copy down anything that is set up in it. Then setup the new router with the same settings.
  2. nope the router was pretty much a vanilla setup, nothing special at all.

    Firewall was off on both routers. with it on makes no difference.
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