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I am currently using a P5N32-SE SLI Deluxe for a fairly high end water cooled Quad SLI/Core 2 Duo/Raid 0 gaming PC. I am very unhappy with this board and I am looking at the Striker Extreme. On the ASUS site, it does not list if the Stirker Extreme is Quad SLI ready or not. I am assuming it is as the P5N32-E does list Quad SLI ready and that is essentially a simplified version of the Striker Extreme board. I assume they will use the same BIOS as well, so it seems logical that the Striker will be Quad SLI Ready. I would still like to be sure before I shell out $400.00 for a board less than 2 month after purchasing a new board. Does anyone know first hand if the Striker Extreme will run Quad SLI or not?

Also, picking good memory is damn tuff as the QVL doesn't list any high end RAM. The best I could see on the Kingston website was 4GB of Kinston KHX6400D2LLK2/2G . This memory is not listed on the ASUS website. ASUS listed the same RAM, but with out the "LL" in the part number (LL = Low Latency). This is perfectly good RAM, but I was hoping for something a little better. I actually had to return 4GB of OCZ Titanium memory as my system would not reliably boot or shut down. Has anyone tried the 2GB kit from Kingston KHX6400D2LLK2/2G on the Striker Extreme board ?

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  1. Not to hijack but you might look at this memory. Got tons of great reviews for amazing overclocking. Price seems great for the performance. That said...I haven't had the opportunity to run it yet as my Striker shows up tomorrow.


    Crucial 10th Anniversary 2GB DDR2-667 / PC2-5300 Memory

    Picked up a good deal on two sticks of this memory and after reading the rave reviews it has received I am looking to get some feedback from the layman.

    I am running it with an E6600 and Asus Striker Extreme MB.....

    Has anyone else had the great experiences they saw here and in the linked reviews?

    I am brand new at OC'ing but want to push this E6600 to the 3.4-3.6 range. Looking for a little advice on how this memory will work and how to run it.

  2. Anyone???

    "Does anyone know first hand if the Striker Extreme will run Quad SLI or not? "

  3. That memory is fantastic. As it should be. It uses hand-picked Micron D9DKX chips I do believe. The best chips around.
  4. Quote:
    "Does anyone know first hand if the Striker Extreme will run Quad SLI or not? "

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