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Hi Guys,
A few people on these forums ask for advice about new graphics cards and whether or not their PSU will support them. I was thinking that if we all 'chipped in' (pun not intended) then we could make a rough guide as to which GPUs use the most power and in what order.

I've only owned 2 PCIe cards, a Radeon x700 and a GeForce 6800GS.I suggest we start off the list as such:

GeForce 6800GS
Radeon x700Pro

If people want they can add to this list, I think it would save a lot of other threads - perhaps some of the regular posters here might be able to help us out. Of course I'm perfectly aware that not all cards with the same GPU use the same amount of power, so perhaps it would be wise to stick to reference design cards?

Andy Aldrich
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  1. There's already a power wattage use calculator in the Power supply forum. It's a sticky. There's a link in there.

  2. Here are a few links to some actual GPU power consumption measurements:

    The Grand Clash for Watts: Power Consumption of Modern Graphics Cards - From February 2006. It's a bit dated, but useful for those with 1 year old cards.

    Faster, Quieter, Lower: Power Consumption and Noise Level of Contemporary Graphics Cards - This article is from July 2006 and have more recent video cards. It provides power consumption and noise measurements. Obviously the 8800GTX will not be part of the list.

    -Directly Unified: Nvidia GeForce 8800 Architecture Review - This article provides power consumption measurements for the 8800GTX and a few other GPUs that are not listed in the July 2006 article.
  3. Thanks for all of your help guys, very much appreciated. Apologies for starting a thread which has all been addressed. Can anyone lock this thread please? I'm no more of a fan of tautology than anyone else. Ta.
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