VisionTek RADEON X1600XT XGE 256MB

Is this card any good? My power supply only has 17 amp leads so i cant go with some of the bigger agp cards. If i replace the ps i may as well just get a new mobo/cpu with pci.

I have a 12% off best buy coupon for this as well.

I would rather purchase locally cause i tried a 7600gs agp and had irq conflicts with onboard sound and a sound card (both created the same problem). So id like to take it back with no hassle if it doesnt work.

It has decent specs 590mhz core and 1390 ddr3 mem.

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  1. DO not buy that especially for 200$. You could get an awesome card for that price not a below mid range like that one. Go shopping on they will have much better prices. Also avoid the X1600 series get like a x800, x850 or a different brand 7600 series card. The X1600 series sucks.
  2. I had the evga 7600gs but it didnt like my motherboard. Id like to keep the purchase locally so i can return it if that happens again and just get a new mobo/cpu.

    Very hard to find a good agp card that doesnt need a great power supply. Id go with the 850 pe but i only see those on ebay.

    Currently using a 5700le. I was happy with it then i started playing marvel ultimate alliance and its really slow at low detail.

    Thanks for the info on the ati, im getting desperate here.

    I was also looking at the ati agp 1900 they have a best buy for $300. Then i saw the powersupply it needs. I would have to buy a $70 ps on top of a $300 card, alot of money for an agp card.
  3. You should probably upgrade your motherboard any way to something with PCI-express. You may be able to still use your old CPU, ram and stuff if it's not to old. And then you could get a 60$ 7600gs from Also you can get a decent mobo for like 50$.
  4. That card is certainly not worth 200. Not even 150 I should say. Hit up Ebay for a used X800 series. Less than a hundred most likely, and beats a lot of cards in the AGP line.
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