HDD problem

I conect the sata Hard Disk throw usb cable.after that i am not able to access the Hard disk.
It is ditected in Disk management, but not able to see in My computer.
I tryed ti initializa the HDD but it getting error.i get below error.

"the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"

Please help me on this issue.

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  1. Does it show up properly in the device manager? I'm guessing it's the USB adapter. Is the drive receiving the proper power? I found this microsoft article. The topic is listed as CD player, but it states it pertains to hard drives too.


    This error message indicates a problem with trying to read or write to a device, such as a hard disk, CD drive, or network drive. This issue may occur for any of the following reasons:

    Windows is trying to use a transfer mode that the CD drive cannot use.
    The hardware that you are trying to access is damaged or failing.
    The device drivers for the hardware are faulty or incompatible.
    There is a connection problem, such as a bad cable.
    The CD that you are trying to access is damaged.
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