BFG 8800 GTS idling at 77 C?


I have a system consisting of BFG GTS 8800 in P180 case with fans set at Low. No overclocking. The card is idling at 76C, but with few web pages opened, the card is running at 81C. This is yellow field!. I could not touch any exposed heat sink. The place where the front of the card is attached to the case is all hot (I know because of the exhaust, but are these temperatures normal?


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  1. No... that temp is about 10C above normal. You need to better ventilate your case. You need an intake and exhaust fan, preferbly > or = to 120mm. Also consider getting one of those slot VGA coolers... they're $15 at compUSA and work pretty well.
  2. I have the same case P180 and a 8800 GTS and my temps idle at around ±59ºC and get to 71 under load and that is when Rivatuner kicks in and the GTS's fan goes to 100% @ ±2800rpm

    Dude get rivatuner have a look even before I used riva I never got temps like that, trouble shoot soon you may have to return your card

    Oh and the FANS on my case are at high that my be your problem
  3. There should be a HDD cage right in front of your graphics card in the P180. The P180 came with special mounting brackets that allow you to have a fan on the front of the cage (literally, 1/2 inch between the card and fan itself). Then again, I don't remember if the GTS is as long as the GTX. But if it's the GTS is the same size as previous high end graphics, that should work. Funny thing though. With the middle fan connected to the case itself, my temps are around 47C. When I move the fan closer to the card, it goes down to 44C. *shudders*. But anyways, try a 120 mm fan connected to the HDD cage first :wink:

    Good luck with it.
  4. I have a new Evga 8800GTX and Mainboard bios says its idling at 52C and Ntune on the desktop (evga 680Sli) says its 62C. I did the Rivatuner low level fan mod (100%) on it and it dropped to around 56C. I have plenty of air circulation and the CPU is heavily water cooled, running 32C.
  5. Thanks to all for suggestions. Well, I opened the case for the first time... (I did not build it) and I found a "spider web" of cables (ribbon, power and others) in front of my video card: that is between the card and hd cage using Eurasianman's analogy. I moved it to the site a little and guess what, not it is idling at about 70 and pushing about 78 at "normal usage". (no gaming yet though).

    Defenetly it seems like a cooling problem. I need to rebuild the internals myself including moving the fan to the side of hd cage closer to video card.

    Thanks again,

  6. I have a BFG 8800GTX and i had the same problem. I ended up buying a new case with much better airflow. I am picking it up today Antec ninehundred. I was using a Lian Li case and i had to run it with the side of the case off with all the cabling moved out of the way for better airflow.

    I also e-mailed to BFG with this problem and they replied to me that this card is running pretty hot by default and there is no reason to panic. Now i am idling at around 65Celsius and it is up to around 80Celsius under pressure while gaming. Nothing is over clocked in my system either.
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