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Badges and Rewards BROKEN???

when i tot up my points i have the hundred or so for the sign up. about 20 for articles/news 100 for question posts 2392 in posts that leaves about 1100 for best replies if im rite. but in my profile it shows i have 5 best replies total but i know it should show 25+

the last time i got a badge update was about a week after i joined...

is the list updated monthly or something?, is it an opera compatibility issue? or is there some other problem... i dont think its the latter as i signed in with IE8 this morning and there was no change.

1 other thing i have noticed is that i can sign in with hexit and HEXiT both bring me to my account. i didnt create another account with hexit and it wasnt till i saw i had signed in 2 ways that i knew about it. would this have anything to do with the badges update?

i hope this helps

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    1) It is the end / beginning of the month, so points are not updated through the switch over. They are still counted and will update probably by day 6 or so (past history).

    2) As for your badges, you have a Bronze badge for the CPU, which takes 10 best answers. You'll get your next badge at 50 best answers, which at 25+ you are over halfway.

    3) You are seeing the issue with UK vs US site. If you look at your profile from the UK site, you see your article and forum report badges but they aren't on the US site. It looks like you are mainly on the UK site. With the forum updated, there won't be a UK / US site. It will all be one, so they will be corrected.

  2. as it stands on my rankings i have 2 best answers in cpu and 3 in games that are showing up in the forum list under ranking. thats all thats showing up, when i say i have 25+ i mean across all forums not just cpu.

    the 3 badges i can see on the uk profile are uniformed, freshman and spy(reporting a spammer on a news article)
    on the U.S. profile i can only see 2 which are cpu and uniformed.((i didnt even know this existed)

    if im rite i should have cpu and games (i think i have 15+ B.A's in pc games) as well as uniformed, freshman and and spy.

    i didnt know i had a bronze for cpu because as you say im directed to the uk site as im uk based.

    anyways techmo thanx for the reply. it goes some way to explaining what is going on...
  3. The funky behavior of the US vs. the UK site is one of the major pains we've been dealing with for awhile now when it comes to badges and points. The ideal is a single English-speaking forum.
  4. thanx. i hope it doesn't take to long to get sorted...
  5. got a new badge today. the sophmore... its shown up on the uk site but not the u.s 1...
  6. Then you probably got it on the UK site.
  7. i have 2 badges on the us site 1 of which i dont have on the uk sit. but i always sign in to the uk site...
    ya smug cat... :lol:
  8. Some of them are cross-domain. The Uniformed badge is one of those which usually affects both sites.
  9. randomizer said:
    Then you probably got it on the UK site.

    We have no use for the word "sophmore" in the UK version of the English language. We know only of such words from watching NCIS, CSI etc. :D

  10. I don't know why you care so much about badges. I haven't even checked to see if mine are all there. For me it does not have any impact.

    This site, besides the money they get from advertising and reviews of certain products, it is a place where you spend a part of your free time reading news(witch some arrive here later than other sites, don't know why) and also help a few people that have issues with certain equipment, meaning you take a part of your time to help someone for free.

    The badge bonus is irrelevant. (if i missed something or got something wrong please correct me, also if there is money to be made from helping people on this forum inform me because anybody could use some)

    By the way HEXiT, you have 3 badges on us and 4 on UK, i have 7 on US and 5 on uk..he he. And i got twice the spy badge and can only see it once and many more :) .
  11. ionut19 said:
    I don't know why you care so much about badges.

    I'm not overly bothered about any kind of reward scheme other than the guide it gives to posters who seek advice and might like to know whether the person giving it is up to the mark or writing a load of rubbish. Post numbers are no indication - a poster could be chatting on any subject and have a couple of thousand posts on the books.

    In complex matters such malware, I wouldn't trust just anyone if I was out of my depth - I'd want to know if they can handle deeper waters than I can. The same applies to a lesser extent right across the board.

    If it can't be made to work properly for all members, it should be scrapped altogether in my 'umble opinion

  12. I don't know if any members actually check to see your "tom's ID card", to call it that way since it reflects your activities, but i see your point.

    EDIT: typo.
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  14. it was never about some prize or reward.
    it shows a users ability to give good advice....

    the initial point i was trying to make was....
    the chances are if you have a gold badge for something then you have shown you know your apples from your bananas...

    when i tot up my points i am left with a gap of around 3000 points with the 4 point for replying, the odd reply in an article, and the odd question posed... that means i have 50+ best answers and nothing to denote it to other users...

    the whole point of me joining this site was to prove another user wrong. which i did in good fasion, then i found that i have a lot to offer a place like toms.... i bet he's wishing he never issued his challenge now ;)

    but that aside. if after 5-6 months of being rated number 1 in certain section, it would be nice to get the badge to show it... after all veteran just means you have gained 5000 points but theres nothing to show how atm. so that rank means little as far as your abilities go...

    as it currently stands i dont hold out much hope for the site fixing this as it doesn't seem like a priority. but to me having a good rep here would give me the motivation to carry on donating my time to helping others...

    anyways sorry for the late reply. i have been busy elsewhere ;)
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