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Hey everyone,
I just bought parts for a new pc and bought a really really cheap case. It only came with 2 brass standoffs that are used to separate the motherboard from the back of the case. However, each screw hole on the backplate of the case is located on a small bump that elevates the motherboard about a half inch over the backplate of the case. When I screw the motherboard directly into the bumps on the case, everything aligns perfectly. I can't use the brass standoffs anywhere, if I put them on the bumps the motherboard is too high to align with the I/O ports. I certainly can't figure out why they included the 2 brass standoffs, but more importantly, does anyone here know if mounting a motherboard on the bumps or mounts directly is dangerous? I know you shoulndt put your board directly on the case but is this the same? The information on the internet on this subject seems very scarce.
Thank you so much to anyone willing to answer me.
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  1. Quote:
    When I screw the motherboard directly into the bumps on the case, everything aligns perfectly

    That is how you are supposed to install your motherboard in cases with that type of motherboard tray. The bumps should contact the metal ring around the screw holes on the motherboard, grounding the board in the appropriate places. This is supposed to be an easier design than screwing in your own standoffs. Personally, I don't like it.

    May I ask what case you bought? As for the standoffs, you might check the manufacturer's site (probably in Engrish!). I'm guessing that there are two additional screw holes on your motherboard tray that aren't raised. You would screw in these standoffs to use with different form-factor boards, like maybe Micro-ATX? The purpose here is that you don't want bumps for one form factor touching the underside of your differently-form-factored board in inappropriated locations ( 8O ), thus shorting traces underneath.
  2. If you know anyone that work at a computer shop, they can probably get you a bunch of standoff with matching screws for free, they usually have thousands laying around.

    i say that because I feel it's 'safer', if the motherboard seams elevated enough then it's all good but I would be somewhat scared to do a short circuit if the motherboard seam flush with the mobo tray.
  3. Thanks a lot for the answers, the motherboard is definitely raised and dosent come close to touching the back of the case, except for the raised mounting points obviously. The case is a Compucase 6C60
    I checked to see if there were holes in the case that werent raised to place the standoffs on, because that would make so much sense... but there are none.
    I was really worried about frying the motherboard because it was contacting the mounts, but indeed the mounts only contact the black rings on the motherboard so it seems safe.
    This is pretty reassuring to know before I power up my new pc for the first time after I go pick up my video card from the post office in an hour :)
    Thanks again
  4. Sounds good enough
  5. I have built two systems with that style of mobo mounting (raised metal "bumps") , never had any problems with them. Don't worry about the brass stand-off's unless there is a part of the mobo that isn't supported by the bumps.
  6. Quote:
    Hey everyone,
    I just bought parts for a new pc and bought a really really cheap case.

    HA, you call that a cheap case? My was $28 SHIPPED and came with a "free" 450W PSU. Yours without shipping is about the same price, and lacks the PSU. Don't feel to bad there...
  7. My case was 280$ no psu, whats the deal here?
  8. He said he bought a really, really cheap case and I was trying to let him know he didn't. It might be cheap, but there is always cheaper.
  9. Hehe very nice, our prices in Canada are always higher than in the States, even after factoring in the exchange rate. We don't have Newegg either which doesn't help. For the record I did pay 32$ for that case because it was on sale and only payed 8$ shipping for the case, monitor and components. Still, I saw some cases for 10$ on Newegg!!! Can't imagine a case being cheaper (quality wise) as mine, the metal is so thin, it came all busted in right out of the box.

    And do you use that 450 w psu? That can't be safe...
  10. Hell no. I would never use a psu that cost that much to power any system, let alone one with an x1800XT. (highend when I bought it.) For the record I bought an Antec 450W, which works fine.
  11. Rofl,
    @4745454b it was more of a joke btw hence the emoticon...

    I did skimp on some enclosure in my times but I figured it would last me the equivalent of 2-3 cases so I though it was worth it.
    Haven't bought a new computer since my P4C, I was overdue, can't wait =)
  12. Yea. People tell me my case is ugly, but I don't care. It has a fan for the harddrives, and keeps the parts together. It even sits under my desk, so I don't even look at it. I would have used some old ATX cases I had laying around, but I wanted one with a fan to keep these newer drives cooler. I simply bought the cheapest one I could find. :D
  13. Do not bother putting the standoffs on that tray. It is not designed to use them. The board will not fit if you try use them as you seem to be aware of.

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