Using neighbors internet on my own network

I've been trying to use my neighbors internet on my own network.
I purchases a linksys wga54g game adapter.
I cant get this thing to work for anything.
Basically I want the game adapter to send the internet signal to my router and have the router distribute ip addresses to my network.
When I try to connect the game adapter through the lan port on my laptop it cannot ever connect, therfore I cant put the adapter's ip address into IE to configure it.
The game adapter did come with a cd, but it's so vauge that I cant tell what exactally it's asking for.
I'm not computer or network illeterate by any means but I just cant figure this out.
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  1. First off does your neighbor know you are going to share their connection? Because connecting to someones wireless network without them knowing is technically illegal ;)

    There is probably a webconfig (or run that disc) to configure it. The linksys site says that things default IP is If you plug it into your laptop directly you will have to give your laptop a static 192.168.1.x ip and then connect to it via your web browser. The web config should list the avaliable accesspoints and give the option to connect to them.
    If you still cannot connect to the accesspoint they probably have some security in place. Whether it be wep, mac address filtering, wpa, etc. You will need the wep/wpa info to connect and the mac address will need to be entered in their address table to connect (if they are using those).
  2. I set up their network and they asked me if I wanted to use their connection. I have mac address filtering on and i've already entered the mac address of the adapter into their list. I'm having trouble with the fact that the adapter dosent connect to my laptop or any other computer. I always get limited or no connectivity.
  3. Was the included setup disc able to locate it? I looked at the step by step setup in the manual that used that cd and it didn't look to bad. You will want to make a "console to internet" connection. This thing looks like it is just a fancy named repeater.

    Can you get to the web config if you assign a static IP to your computer with it connected?
  4. I got it working through my router now.
    I didnt understand how I couldnt plug it straight into my pc since it wouldnt connect.
    Either way I have it plugged in my wan port on the router now and it's working great.
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