Power Supply Bust Up Review....

So I remember back in 2005. I was stuck in the hospital for about 3 months during the summer. I think it was during this time what Toms was during the "Long Term Burn in of PC power supplies" It was like an 18 day article. Where they would load a power supply to the max and leave it run for the whole day. Each day was an adventure I thought, I would dial in(I had a loaned laptop, I was stuck in the hospital, I was all modem...) and just click on the article to see what happened to the power supply over night. See if it was still going or busted(or burst as some did)

Anyways, I am sure some remember that article, it wasn't only a few years back, 2005 I think. I'd love to see another one like that.

I felt it really gave a punch in the face of a lot of power supply makers. Making them think alot more about quality.

Look at power supply advertises today, compared to 5 years ago. I do think that the Toms article pulled alot of attention to this most integral part of our computers.

Anyone else agree?

Hip Hip Hooray for another "power supply shootout/burnout" challenge.
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  1. Sounds like a good (and fun) article to me. Though hopefully they won't use the $20 wonders again though, otherwise the challenge will only last 15 minutes.
  2. Will definitely forward this along to our editorial team. :)
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