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hey guys,

i was just wondering what you would recommend for a nice liquid cooling system. i will be overclocking the processor and pushing as much as i can.

proposed setup

Mobo - eVGA mobo 680i
CPU - C2D 6600

any input is greatly appreciated

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  1. Are you just water cooling the cpu? or the gpu too? Also, what is your budget as that will be the biggest factor.
  2. Up you up to doing it yourself (the only way to go 8) ) or you'll need a 'all-in-one' kit?
  3. Yes, what is your budget? How are your modding skills? You any good with a dremel? Do you want to hack your case at all? If not get a decent external kit. If you don't mind dabbling in the modding a little, go with a nice internal kit. I have the Swiftech Apex Ultra with the Storm Waterblock, and MCW55 VGA cooler for my ATI AIWx800. I have the whole shebang in my Lian-Li PC 60 case. I think it's the PC 60. First group of Lian-Li's that hit the mainstream about 5 years ago. My Opteron 175 slightly overclocked to 2.65, and the VC overclocked by 100 Mhz on the core and 125 on the ram, and she has been prime stable since Febuary and max temp has only gotten to 48C with both cores running 100% all the time.

    It really is your personal preference though.
  4. Here is a good set up if you got the $$$$$

    Swiftech MCP655 12v DC Pump ($77)
    Sooo quiet and yet, so powerful. 317gph, 12v standard 4-pin molex connector to your PSU

    CPU waterblock:
    Swiftech STORM Rev 2 ($80)
    The top of the line CPU waterblock

    Danger Den Single 5 1/4" Bay Reservoir ($30)

    PrimoChill - Single Floppy Bay Reservoir ($10)

    Cyclone 120 External mounted ($33);cPat

    Single 120mm
    Black Ice Xtreme Radiator ($34)

    Dual 120mm
    Black Ice Xtreme II Radiator ($43)

    Tygon 1/2in. ID 11/16in. OD Laboratory Tubing #R3603 ($2.25/ft)
    Get, at least, ten feet. Best tubing around and you won't find it cheaper anywhere else

    Breeze Miniature Hose Clamp 7/16 in. to 25/32 in. (10/#3.60)
    to secure the tubing to the fittings
    get 20

    Swiftech Coolsleeves 625 ($2.60)
    helps protect tubing from kinking in tight bends
    get 2

    HydrX Extreme-Duty UV Coolant ($3.29)
    UV Reactive, biological preventative - must mix with distilled water
    get 2


    PrimoChill ICE 32oz ($20);cPat
    lubricant, non-conductive, corrosive inhibitant, non-toxic, biodegradeable, biological preventative
    get 2

    EDIT: This list does not include the required 120mm fans for whatever size rad you might choose nor does it include the radbox assembly for externally mounted radiators.
  5. hey thx for all the input but i was looking for an "all in one" kit that still performs well with overclocking. my budget is around $200 maybe a little more. thx
  6. gotta get your hands dirty at some point if you really want to push the limits!!! :)
  7. i was given a Koolance case. I know they are not the best and everyone puts them down but, my uncle had this case for 4 years gave it to me and ive had it 2 years and its still kickin butt. I have a 805 D and a X850XT being cooled by it and it never goes over 40C even in the summertime. The case is heavy as hell and rock solid. I even added a small 80mm rad coming from the cpu to cool down the water from the 805 a tad. The top mounted rad has 3 thermally controlled 80mm fans on it with three modes of temperature controll, also there is a auxillary pump that takes over if the primary dies. If you go to their site they have quite a bit of clearance cases that are ready to just drop in your stuff for around 200-300 dollars. Heres my baby.........
  8. Hey broz...
    Just finished my water sys this morning b4 work... all i can say is
    "Im impressed"

    I built my own, as i hear 'off the shelf' systems dont cut the mustard.
    Got a good dc pump, cpu block, and maze gpu block from dangerden.
    If u REALLY wanna kill heat go4 an impingement block+good pump.
    Dont forget a good rad/fan sys tho!
    May aswel go a gpu block too. The maze4 is good. Dont waste your time with one of those MASSIVE gpu/ram blocks. Simple sink is enuf for gpu ram.

    Hose i got from a local h/ware store, but it doesnt bend too well, may have 2 address this later, but it IS bigger than 1/2", meaning ne slight kinks wont bring things 2 a halt.

    The rad is v important for me so i went with an oil cooler off ebay. It gives good flow, 9rows, and the fins have a massive surface area. This combined with a custom shroud and large low rpm fan will work well (when its done).

    Its REALLY quiet now, and will be even better once i get some sound insulating foam for the inside.

    Temps... CPU i cant gague as it doesnt play nicely with the mobo, but gpu (x1950xt) is a hot hot LOUD SOB. Was running @~70c idle, now its 30-40c

    My cpu/mobo is playing silly buggers with me so i cant even give u a good idea of OC. :(
  9. dont tell me you just hooked it all up and cranked up the pc, you gotta run it for a couple hours minimum to make sure it dont leak. Be careful man.
  10. The Swiftech H20-120 PREMIUM is for you then. Even that you would get a lot more performance buy building it yourself.
  11. Every time I take a water cooled system apart for any reason I hook it all back up, strategicaly place paper here and there and let it run off of a different power source to test for leaks before turning the whole system on. I like to run them over night or about 8 hours. I totaly agree with dduummyy. Never hook it up and run it right away. Best way to fry something. I love the Swiftech pump. That SOB can hose down my back fence when just hooked up to a 6' hose. Yes I tried out the flow rate on it.

  12. Quote:
    dont tell me you just hooked it all up and cranked up the pc, you gotta run it for a couple hours minimum to make sure it dont leak. Be careful man.

    Well... there is this sticker on my case that says "Plug n Play"
    What does that mean? I thought i could just plug it in and play?
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    JK. Like most ppl, i too know everything, i built it half out my case and ran it with everything off. Zero leaks. Then powered it up for a quick test.
    So this morning i drained it and hooked it up propper.
  13. WOW thank you guys soo much for your input. i now need some lists of kits or parts i can purchase. i think i only want to cool the cpu but im not quite sure yet. you guys know of any cpu only liquid coolers? thats what im shooting for just cpu, not gpu or anything else...

    thx again
  14. ok this is the liquid cooling that i was looking at. ive heard pretty good things from it and i am pretty interested in it. what do you guys think?

    ty ty ty
  15. In your 1st post u said u wanna OC and push it as much as possible...

    TBH... that ^^^ is a micky mouse water cooler.
    It will cool just as well as a good HSF (like zalman 9700) with the advantage of being quiet.

    A good HSF is MUCH cheaper and easier 2 install. IMO if ure gonna do water, do it properly. Take your time. Try dangerden, they have a cpu+pump combo on special, and its good stuff too.

    Find a good rad/oil cooler on ebay, add some bits and pieces. It aint cheap i know, but it will be MUCH better than that.

    If u dont have the $$$.....
    A. Use what u have and save up
    B. Get a good HSF
  16. Quote:
    ok this is the liquid cooling that i was looking at. ive heard pretty good things from it and i am pretty interested in it. what do you guys think?

    ty ty ty

    listen to dario
    this is all you need for now. you can buy seperate here or just buy this kit and clock away.
  17. Quote:
    ok this is the liquid cooling that i was looking at. ive heard pretty good things from it and i am pretty interested in it. what do you guys think?

    ty ty ty
    $150 for that? The kit I recommended is only $10 more and the pump will allow you to upgrade to another 120mm rad and GPU.
    That Gigabyte kit does outperform the Thermalcrap ones, but its still no match for Switech.
  18. Mez no dig intended i just didnt want to see you f up your stuff. Murphy's law runs rampant with watercooling, especially high pressure systems. Glad its working well for you. :)
  19. Quote:

    listen to dario

    I refuse.
  20. Quote:

    listen to dario

    I refuse.

    Looks like you’ve got the liquid cooling quite under control.
    Let me rephrase that.
    Don’t listen to anyone.
    But pay attention to details. :wink:
  21. Hes just being "funny"...
  22. Hey
    I finally busted 4GHz
    updated my sig.
    going to push it later to see what this chip can do
  23. Youre stable right?
    Once I get my P5B D up and clocking (gimme no longer than a month), ill give you a subtimings special lesson :wink:
  24. first you've got to catch me.
    fails prime after 3 hours.
    vdroop mod next week :twisted:
  25. Im not going to be able to mod the board just yet :cry:
    That is because this is a "temporal" solution until everything else settles down and one of the next gen chips are able to do at least 600Mhz (my hopes are on IN9). But if none of those overpriced mobos do that... you can imagine the rest...
  26. well once your close to finished with your cooling I'll walk you through the mod so you wont toast the board.
    the p5b will get your 600 or at least 560 but you better have a back up if if things start to smoke . ha ha
    if your serious.
    let me know 8)
  27. I know the modding up and down, the latencies, the chipset straps, the subtimings, how far the NBCC could go, and clockgen and memset windows screens. Without mentioning about half a dozen of minor optimizations. Trust me, I know this board.
    But its gonna be interesting to compare to a fellow OCer 8)
  28. Well then we will be in touch to help each other out.
    No use competing to achieve the same goal. :wink:
  29. I seem to have misplaced the PM with your watercooling specs (If I ever had it..), care to PM them again?
  30. I know a way to OC well...

    Waiting for the page to load to link... THG is being slow for me tonight...there it is.

    Trade you CPU's and we can compare results? :P
  31. Youre so not cool enough to pull a shameless plug like that 8)
  32. Bah, then I will use this post to increase my post count and cool factor.

    Done playing thread tag with you for now :P Going to set up in the window again 8O
  33. Useless posts will not increase your cool factor either!

    hehe 8)
  34. Dang, I guess I'm outta luck then. Not wasting my time with the window setup, it's only 1C outside. That is above 0C in case you didn't know.

    1C > 0C > My hopes > Absolute Zero
  35. January will come bearing goodies go all 8)
  36. I sure hope so. Even the 10 day forecast is looking in my favor.
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