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I am a home user (teleworker) with HSI cable 10mbit dl/768 up and I am tired of collecting junk home wireless routers. I now have a dlink di-624, di-514(?) and currently in use is a Netgear WPNT834. The Dlinks had horrible WAN throughput and the Netgear doesn't seem to like port forwarding but has great wireless range.


Keep high speed WAN throughput
Keep wireless range intact
Get a router that is easily managable for a advanced home user (I was a network engineer years ago but never really got into Cisco/Bay routers).
I need port forwarding to work so that I can get traffic routed to my SFTP/SSH server for client/application testing.

Any recommendations? Should I keep the Netgear and use it only as a WAP and get a good router? What router should I consider?

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  1. For that kind of a internet connection you might as well shell out for a buisness class router.
    If that WPNT834 wireless is working all right for you (of if you have purchased netgear mimo adaptors) just keep that as an AP.
    Depending on how much you are willing to spend I'd go for the netgear FVL328 or FVS338. The buisness line is like night and day to the home line. The home ones are pretty junky in my optinion.
  2. I am trying a Netgear RP614V3 and am having similar problems with a server and port forwarding. I am getting all kinds of weird behavior with port forwarding. First it overloaded and stopped routing, and then when I restarted the server, my app couldn't make or receive any connections at all. All I see is SYN SENT an SYN RECEIVED, but nothing is established. Curiously, you can still browse the web - I guess that's all it was built to do. Even my 6 year old Linksys works better than that.

    My application needs hundreds of connections inbound and hundreds outbound. I was thinking of trying something from the Netgear business line, although I'm a little put off by my experience with their home router. Is the FVS318 an older model? You can pick them up on eBay for less than a new home router. Any good? I don't want any modern fancy features, just hundreds of connections in both diretctions.
  3. The FVS318 is a low end VPN 8 port router.
    Move up to at least the FVS328 or FVS338 model.

    I have the 328, but do not have a requirment for port forwarding. I was able to pick it up on ebay for $25+15 S&H ($40), Yes I was suprised at the low price. I was looking for the 338 model when it poped up. The 338 has 92mbps port speed, where the 328 is around 60mbps.
  4. You must have got lucky. All that's on eBay now is a bunch of 318s.

    Although the 318 is a little slow, would it handle the port forwarding and number of connections required?
  5. Yeaa, I was out of town and missed a FVS338 that went for $60. But have been pleased with the 328.

    There are some FVS338, they have been averaging around $100. The local Fry's have them for over $200.
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