Please help with a silent gaming PC build spec!

I got out of PC gaming about 4~5 years ago, and went into console gaming. Though the new consoles are pretty good, the multiplayer aspect still lacks considerably compared to the matured PC online environment. I need to get back into PC gaming, and I would like to do so with a fresh system.

I would like to have this system as quite as possible, and as clean looking as possible. The case should still be upright midsize tower, but color must be black, silver, or combination of the two. Nexus Breeze fits this criteria in my book, so I would like to use this case if possible.

As for CPU, I would like to go Intel. I here good things about E6600, but please suggest others as well. I am open to easy overclocking, but nothing that requires extra cooling that will require more fans. I wish to reduce fan noise as much as possible.

Video card, I prefer nVidia. I was thinking about a card with passive cooling so it will not create additional noise.

As for drives, quieter, the better.

Sound card, I have my 5 year old Sound Blaster. I have a 5.1 speaker setup that I can recycle as well, and I'm not looking for 7.1 at this time. Do I need to upgrade my old sound card?

Memory, I would like at least 2 gigs.

No monitor needed.

This is sort of where I am now. My budget is roughly $1300~1500. My current PC is home built, so I do have some experiences. Howerver, the compents and the industry has grown so much since, I am overwhelmed to be completely honest.

Please help me spec a gaming system that is within my budget, and silent!
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  1. Hi WR2, thanks for the info, I am reading the links right now.

    I don't know what Loonies nor Greenbacks mean. ?

    I'm happy with my current keyboard/mouse, so I think I can save $70 from you list.

    Is the CPU cooler neccessary for normal use? Won't the defualt fan/heatsink on E6600 be enough?
  2. Quote:
    I don't know what Loonies nor Greenbacks mean.
    $CAD vs $US
    Is the CPU cooler neccessary for normal use? Won't the defualt fan/heatsink on E6600 be enough?
    No, and Yes. The stock intel HSF is actually very good at cooling. Although it's a bit louder than most aftermarket HSFs. For that reason, especially if you're thinking of any overclocking the aftermarket HSF is probably something you want. And it cools better which is always a good idea.
  3. If you can afford another $40, get a Seasonic S12 PSU instead. Better and quieter.
  4. WR2,

    Thanks for the info again, it makes sense. I was under the impression that anything aftermarket would be designed to cool better, hense louder for some reason.

    I live in the US, by the way.
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