What best wireless ip cam?

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I'd like to tap this vast world of knowledge and experience for everyone's
opinion on the best wireless network IP cam. Prefer a PTZ or at least PT
camera. Have had lots of experience with PTZ but a friend wants to set up a
wireless camera and I have no experience. Price is a consideration but not
the only one. Many Thanks People....
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    > Re: What best wireless ip cam?

    -> The most expensive.
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    "Michel Shell" <nospam@hotmail.fr> wrote in message
    >> Re: What best wireless ip cam?
    > -> The most expensive.
    And in your opinion what might the most expensive be...there are several
    cameras in the $200-$400 range. I have not played with any of them.

    I am looking for people that have actually had experience with some of them,
    not a generic smart ass answer. I was looking for an informative and
    thoughtful answer which I know this group is capable of as there are many
    intelligent and experienced people here. I myself will and have helped
    people if I can be of a constructive nature, otherwise I remain silent. I
    own and use two EVI_D30's , a PTZ-2N , and even a Vicon S2000 so I am not
    exactly a novice to the field. I use Ivista and Active Webcam and BDLCam
    and Watcher and a whole bunch of other video capture programs including two
    Winnov cards. If I was looking for a smart answer like "the most expensive"
    I would not have asked this body of experts, I would have inquired of my
    sister law (and believe me, she doesn't know squat) or I merely would have
    asked anyone on a street corner. Your answer shows your ignorance of the
    subject. Sorry group, but these people with the smart quips that aren't
    answers at all annoy me. This is a "newsgroup" of professionals, if you
    aren't one them at least be quiet and learn from them as I have over the
    last 2-3 years. Please reread my original question and if you can "help" me
    or at least make a reasonable suggestion I look forward to your answer and

    Thank You,....David
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    Hi, I use (& buy) webcams for video security (home use) since 1998.
    I replied mainly about the subject, so in substance, from my
    experience, best digital cameras are the ones I can't afford ;-).
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