Can't install access point?

Hello everyone,

Earlier today I purchased myselves a wireless access point to provide my house and garden with the needed wireless posibilitys.
Normally my infrastructure looks like this:

Cable modem > connected to a router (wired) , on this router there are 2 computers and a laptop, there is a line going upstairs to my studio where there is a 24 port hub connecting 8 computers all wired, from the 24 port hub there is another cable going to a 16 port hub where I connect and test new servers together with my server admin.

Now I connected my wireless acces point to the 24 port hub. Afterwards I connected the power lines and screwed the antennes on.
The model is:

I then booted up my personal laptop which was configured with a static IP adress to work on my school's wirelss internet. This connection was actually enabled, cause normally at my house I use a wired connection. So in disbaled the wired connection, enabled the wireless connection and changed the IP adress settings back to automatic.
I then tried booting the cd-rom however as soon as a menu pops up I get a messagbox saying:
The network device is not ready, and then the cd aborts.
I tried this several times but the same prolbems keeps on happening, so I disabled the wireless again, enabled the wired and tryd navigating to the IP adress which the access point should respond to ( ) unfortunately nothing happens. SO I have no clue at all about how to connect my laptop to this acces point.

And I got a small other question, my garden is about 200meters on 500 meters is it possible to provide wireless access near everywhere wirth just range extenders? Or will I need extra stuff?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English
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  1. Are you sure you are using default IP setting on you network? Just because the IP of the AP is, means if you network subnet is diffirent you will not find it. Look at your Wired PC off of the 24 port hub, check you IP range or the router DHCP table. You can connect manually to the AP after you set a static IP with the same subnet on you PC. Then change the Default IP to your subnet.
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