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Hey folks. Just wondering if anyone could direct me to a place I can sign up to be a site moderator. I'm sick of seeing ads all over the articles and from what I've seen, from 7am to 3pm I'm almost always the first to report the ad to the moderator. Why not just become one and delete the damned things?
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  1. At current, we aren't adding any additional moderators. Though we are still looking for Community Reporters, which have an element of moderation to them. Probably still a bit of a ways off for you though. In the interim, please continue to report the posts you see as spammy or advertising and our moderation team will tend to them.
  2. Of course. What are the specific requirements to become a Community Reporter so I know what I'm working towards?
  3. Start with a deeper involvement in one of the major forum areas of discussion. Bolster your post count by getting involved in the dialogue, be sure to chime in when you have meaningful input.
  4. you seem to have managed well enough... you have been a member for less than 18 months and you managed to become a mod.
    today i hit 1000 posts, with 6000 points and have only been her a little over 3 months. by the time i get to 18 months i will probably be in the region of 6000 posts and 36000 points, just a shame my badges wont show it ;) would that be good enough to get on the uk mod team :lol:
  5. Community Managers are a bit different of a creature than Moderators. Though most start out as mods. I started out as a moderator and freelance reporter 9 years ago before getting into community management. CMs are the people that mods report to that build all the policies, administrate the back-end and make sure things are functioning smoothly. A big part of their job is also filtering out the noise to signal response from what is usually a deluge of posts and information to inform development. They are responsible for infrastructure, growth and maintenance of the entire online community, so post count for CMs are frequently anemic.

    The role is somewhat a mix between a nanny and a lightning rod. :)
  6. jpishgar said:

    The role is somewhat a mix between a nanny and a lightning rod. :)


    Quote of the year.
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