Best gfx card this system wont hold back.

Got this computer last year.
HP a1450n- x2-4200 (939)
- a8n-la mobo (1pci-e slot)
- 2gigs ram
Want to upgrade gpu from integrated 6150le originaly posted about 7900gs hoping to wait for gen 2 dx10, with a good dx10 gpu will i be able to run dx10 games at max settings or will the cpu hold it back?
Should i upgrade for dx10 or just get a good dx9 card now?
(cant oc because of stupid hp, locked bios)
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  1. You can use your current cpu,I wouldnt change it.And yes you can get a 8800 series dx10 cArd as well.I personally would wait til ati comes out with their dx10 first.And dont forget,two thinhs.One is youll certainly need a better power supply,Im guessing at least a quality 650 watter and second you may have install problems with the 8800 gtx board since it is verrry long
  2. should i get a filler card like the 7900gs or maybe a 1950xt(in this case i would probably wait a little longer to move to dx10)
  3. Depends on the games(demands of graphics) you play.If its oblivion then yes go for it(providing you dont mind spending the money)If its lessor demanding games then go for 7600gt or 1650 atito save a few bucks.With all eye candy the 1950 will give you best performance(for dx9)with maybe just a slight reduction in oblivion,rest is up to you
  4. how will the 1950 xt handle some of the first dx10 games. I know dx10 wont be in full swing till the mid/end of next year. Would it be a good transition card.
    I mostly play fps, fear, hl2,the bf series. Always wanted to try oblivion but my current gfx card would definetly not run it. Would the xt be able to run crysis at fairly high settings?

    Also im getting interested in oc'ing stuff, is a bios flash the only way i can oc my cpu?
  5. If I said I knew Id be lieing.No one knows how dx9 on a dx10 game will play.From what Ive read,theres less things availible,such as numbers of ai's,things you can move but nothing essential to the game,more or less just not as great as experince.There wont be many dx10 games out right away since most people have dx9 anyways and to date theres no lower/mid dx10 cards out and only nvids solution,besides all this youll need vista as well and even further at this point in time nvidia hasnt made any dx10 drivers for release yet About ocing..I dont think youll be able to oc your cpu,you may type in your mobo name and google it...sometimes you can BUT its highly risky.I wouldnt reccomend it,your 4200 should be ok for now
  6. im going to go with the evga 7900gs maybe do step up. Any mainstream cards 90 days from now?
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