Need help to overclock Pentium D 945

I want to try to overclock my system and I have Pentium D 945, ASUS P5L-VM 1394 mobo and 1 gig of Kingston PC2-5300 memory...Your help will greatly appreciated.
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  1. i have the same cpu. on a gigabyte ds3 v1 board

    254mhz fsb 17x, mem to 1:1 voltage 1.29 cpu, mem pc800 2.1v
  2. Hey, I have a PD 945 too!! And I'm getting a DS3 in a couple of weeks.

    Is 254 the highest stable OC you got? And what about temperatures? Right now I have a TT Big Typhoon, and under load the cpu will break 70C!! (stock speeds) 8O I couldn't imagine OCing it very far because of heat.
  3. the highest temp i seen on my system is 58c with the stock intel fan.

    i cant get past the 254 right now due to the systen reboots after 10 min.

    dont know if its a temp problem, or voltage drop or spike.

    if someone else can shed some insight on ths, it would help.

    what is the threshold for his cpu?

    on you system, what voltages are you running under load?

    cpu / mem

    eric b.
  4. I just upgraded from d805 to 945. I ran the 805 for about 6-7 months at 3.4GHz and ~75C folding 24/7. The processor never actually burned out, but it did start acting up and working unreliably. I'm running the 945 at 223x17 and keeping my temps reasonable this time, peaking around 56. Once the AS5 burns in, maybe I'll go higher. This is on an Asus P5WD2-E with a Zalman 9500LED in a room that doesn't get much above 70F. If you want to go balls out, tho, I've seen screenshots of this processor at 5+ on water cooling. Good luck
  5. well, i am allready at 4.6g on air cooling using a Zalman 9700 and 1.38 volts.

    running dual prime and 3dmark at the same time, i have only peeked out at 65c with speedfan

    i dont know what the limit for this cpu is, but i think i may be close to it.

    what would be the max volts and temp i should stop at?
  6. The main concern is going to be temperature. I would be sheepish about consistently running above 60C. That's the absolute limit I'll be running on my new 945, preferably under 55C.
  7. My pentium D945:

    multiplicer *16
    bus speed 275.00Mhz
    total= 4400Mhz
    1100Mhz Rated FSB
    1.328 V
    qhen i use stress test 60C
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