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Windows 7 resolution can't go as high as before


As I was working my laptop display reset itself to 800x600. I went into resolution to reset it, the highest option is 1024x768, which is still not what it was before. It's like looking at my monitor with the wrong glasses on! The windows help suggests that 1900x1200 would be available and that one resolution would be 'recommended' although nothing like that shows on my machine. I did already try rebooting. Help
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  1. Do you have the latest onboard graphics driver installed ?
  2. Hmmm, no idea. Laptop is only 1 month old
  3. Make and model and we can check !
  4. Oh great, thanks! Acer Aspire 5742Z-4492
  5. Intel or AMD ?
  6. Acer Aspire 5742Z Notebook Series Specifications

    Part Number: Aspire5742Z Acer Aspire 5742Z Notebook Series

    Following are the specifications for the Acer Aspire 5742Z notebook series.
    Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
    Feature Specification
    Operating System1 Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit2
    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Basic 64-bit2
    CPU and chipset1 Intel® Pentium® processor P6100/P6200 (3 MB L3 cache, 2/2.13 GHz, DDR3 1066 MHz, 35 W), supporting Intel® 64 architecture, Intel® Smart Cache
    Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset
    System Memory1, 3, 4, Dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM support:

    Up to 4 GB of DDR3 system memory, upgradable to 8 GB using two soDIMM modules5

    Display 15.6" HD 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, high-brightness (200-nit) Acer CineCrystal™ TFT LCD
    16:9 aspect ratio

    Graphics Intel® HD Graphics with 128 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 10
    Dual independent display support
    16.7 million colors
    External resolution / refresh rates6:

    VGA port up to 2560 x 1600: 60 Hz
    HDMI™ port up to 1920 x 1080: 60 Hz

    MPEG-2/DVD decoding
    WMV9 (VC-1) and H.264 (AVC) decoding
    HDMI™ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) support

    Your highest resolution i highlighted in red !
  7. Okay, so that explains why my screen looks so odd and things I could read before I can't now. It will only let me set to 1024 x 768 and i should be able to set it 1366x768. Do I download something or ??
  8. IS YOUR motherboard AMD or Intel ?
  9. Thanks. I see Intel Pentium P6200 (sorry, not even sure if htis is the motherboard) and Intel HD Graphics, so I'll use the intel link. Thanks for your help!
  10. Your Welcome !
  11. As I tried to install I'm getting a pop up telling me that my computer has newer version on it than these drivers. Should I still install?
  12. If you have the latest don't !
  13. Okay, so any other suggestions as to why my system is whacked? :)
  14. I'm heading out, will check back later to see what I should try next. Totally hating this resolution, feels like I have my neighbors glasses on instead of my own!
  15. This is your acer drivers page for your laptop !

    Download this free app and install and let me know what it says under the graphics tab !
  16. Not sure if I did it right. I went to the link, downloaded the free detector ap and there is no tab although across from VGA Intel is the vendor. is that you meant for me to do?

    A new development is that now I cannot sleep or hibernate my computer I can only shut down or restart and the auto screensaver/sleep function is also not available.
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    I think you should reinstall or use recovery of some kind !
  18. ACK! So should I start by just downloading the Intel VGA link on that page you sent me? It took so many hours to get my laptop set up after the purchase that the idea of doing that again only a month later makes me want to lose my mind. I don't have an extra 1/2 day right now. I
  19. You can try it but it might not work because you have a newer driver !
  20. FYI Contacted Acer. I need to mail it in as they suspect a faulty graphics card and will likely do a reinstall or recovery on it.
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