What is toast?

My cousin and I built a computer today with the following components:

Intel E6400 Processor
ASUS P5B Deluxe w/WiFi
eVGA GeForce 7900GS

Get it done and he wants to over clock it since he has been reading. I don't have any experience over clocking so I just watched. Well, he obviously doesn't know what he's doing. In the bios only the freq was being changed. Got it up to 375x8 and it booted all the way to start windows. He went to move the mouse and it locked up and shutdown. Then you could smell it. Now when you turn on the system everything powers on for a few seconds then it shuts down for a few seconds, then turns back on and stays on but never takes the monitor out of suspend. No beeps or anything. Tried taking the ram out, then the video card, then everything and can't get any beeps or anything. Taking the CPU out and looking at it/smelling it there is no signs of anything. Nothing to be seen on the MB but it seems like the smell is coming from the north chipset?

Anyway, based on this information what is/could be damaged?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have taken the system all apart, and there is nothing physically notable with the CPU, nor does it smell. I tested the PSU in another system and it ran it fine. Would be nice if I had a system to test the CPU, MB, Video Card, and Ram in but all I have is socket 478 with AGP and DDR SDRAM. Just don't want to buy another CPU if it's the MB, and vise versa. There is no way the ram or video card could have been damaged is there?
  2. Follow the instructions in the motherboard manual on how to clear the CMOS. Usually involves cutting the power, removing the CMOS battery, and shorting a jumper but not all boards are the same. Some have just a push button but it wouldn't hurt to try the above method of cutting power and removing the CMOS battery as well.

    I really doubt you messed up the memory or video card. As mpilchfamily noted, I would be highly suspect that the CPU cooler wasn't installed properly initially and you toasted the CPU which sucks because it may have taken the motherboard with it.

    I strongly advise taking it to a local computer shop if possible and have them test it out.
  3. Does it smell like burnt apple pie or a well done hot pocket?
  4. Well I just tried powering on just the MB with nothing hooked up put the PSU, case speaker, and power button. I didn't get any beeps. Looking at the CPU there is nothing wrong with it from what I can tell. So I "think" it's the MB. Not sure if the CPU is ok or not though. What do you think?
  5. First, reset the CMOS chip, if it works then all good...

    If not then 99% sure it's a mobo problem, try to lay your hands on a working mobo and test it, you'll find it'll work fine.

    NB - Make sure that the heatsink is on properly!
    Test it in small steps first, not to a very large step like you done...
  6. does the MB powerup and beep when there is no CPU?
    if it does what about with no ram
  7. With the smell coming out of the northbridge, the motherboard probably cooked. Unfortunately, it probably took the cpu with it. As Mplilchfamily wrote, if the cpu cooler isn't installed right, temperatures will soar very fast. They can go up so fast that by the time you notice anything, its too late. As Anoobis wrote, it might be better to take the computer in to a shop for testing.

    Never overclock a machine until its running and stable at stock speeds. Also, I find its best to let it run at stock speed for a few hours so that everything has a chance to burn in correctly. When overclocking, take things one step at a time and test everything along the way, keeping watch on the temperatures so as not to overheat expensive parts.
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