"VPU Recover has reset your graphics..."

I keep receiving the following error msg from ATI Catalyst:

"VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator or it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands"

Has anyone had to deal with this b4? As in successfully dealing with this?

What happens is that while i am working on my PC, after sometime, the monitor screen goes black then comes back with the above msg! I have heard that it is the way ATI 'saves' you from B. Gates infamous blue screen of death. It is not only annoying but actually locks my PC up at times.

My PC: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
512mb dual ram
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 m/bd

O/S Win2k
Video Adapter Properties
Device Description SAPPHIRE RADEON X300SE -
Adapter String SAPPHIRE RADEON X300SE -
BIOS String BK-ATI VER008.015.136.001
Chip Type RADEON X300/X550 Series (0x5B60)
DAC Type Internal DAC(400MHz)
Installed Drivers ati2dvag (
Memory Size 128 MB

Video Adapter Manufacturer
Company Name Sapphire Technology Limited
Product Information http://www.sapphiretech.com/vga/products.asp
Driver Download http://www.sapphiretech.com/downloads/downloads.asp

also, I have been noticing some some lines on my LCD display. Sometimes there are lines in part of the application that might be open. I scroll up and back down, they don;t go, however, I 'refresh' my screen, it usually solves the problem. Same goes for small colors on the screen, goes when I reload or close then open the application,. In MSOutlook, the lines are distorted, while trying to read the subject fields / sent from etc. The txt on this screen now I am typing, instread of being thin 'crisp' txt, the letters are thicker than when I use my other PC. (same monitor)

thks in advance 4 ya help.
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  1. Thks for the suggestion. I had unstalled the card, the drivers i.e all ATI products off this PC. re-installed everything. Same prob exists. Same VPU error comes back, same PC freezing.

    PS, I ran a diagnostics s/w for graphics displays, (Fresh Diagnose) after it gets thru about 60 70% my PC freezes, have used the same thing a few times with same result.
  2. I had the same problem, so I deinstalled the driver and all software associated with this graphics and then, very important, re boot, then download the update for ATI and install. Then of course, re boot. That worked for me. If that doesn't do it, get another graphics card and take out the old software.

    Good luck
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