Good value / performance card.?

Hi, this question may have been asked b4. It seems I have been having some probs with my video dsiplay and am thinking that it is the Video card (1 1/2yrs old) and it is on the way out.

What is a good video card, I use my PC for Autocad (no 3D or rendering) powerpoint, Word etc.. also the Internet... My budget is tight. I was at a computer shop earlier the guy there was trying to sell me on a EVGA Video card I think a 7200 or something.. what U think?

Thks from BC, Canada

CPU Type AMD Athlon XP3000+
M/B Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9
System Memory 1024 MB Dual
BIOS Type Award Modular (04/07/05)
Nutech 912G LCD Monitor Plug and Play Monitor
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  1. I think a 7300 will work for what you're doing. A 7600GS/GT may be better if your planning on turning on all the effects in Vista.

    I'm more into gaming so I think my eVGA 7900GS was really the best bang for the buck for me. Its at newegg now for $179 or $159 after rebate just for comparison purposes. Although, if you get any eVGA you can always upgrade it later with the StepUP program (my plan).

    Also do you want to be able to watch blu-ray or hd-dvd movies on your computer? If so make sure and get a video card with HDCP support. Not a big deal for me so my 7900GS doesn't have HDCP support.

    If I was you I would probably try to grab the cheapest 7600GS/GT, Although anything in the 7 series should be more than enough for you.

    Edit: If you can put it in yourself I think you can get a much better deal online. I have seen stores trying to sell cards for more than double what they are listed for on newegg. Hmmm... on second thought a 6600 may be better than a 7300, not sure... anyone else?

    Edit: What about these: Biostar 6600 SAPPHIRE X550

    I'd still get a 7600 though.
  2. i got the BFG 7600GT pci-e and this card is very nice. got it from newegg, cheap and fast shipping as always.

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