New motherboard LAN probs

Hi all.
I've recently upgraded to an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, and the NVidia LAN is playing up. Some sites the The page cannot be displayed screen keeps popping up, pressing refresh (maybe sometimes 2 or 3 times....) and the page loads fine. It's very random, no patterns or anything.

Any advice?

Oh, and I can't get the other LAN socket to work at all :?
It took ages and lots of messing around to get the NVidia one working, any ideas why?


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  1. Do you have the latest drivers installed for both? The other network card on that motherboard isn't part of the nvidia driver package so you will have to install it separately. The marvell drivers "should" be on the cd that came with the motherboard. If it doesn't appear at all in device manager it may be disabled in the bios.

    I think the latest nforce4 amd chipset driver package is 6.70. One funky thing I have noticed with the nforce driver packs are the ide drivers. If you have any IDE devices I would install everything in the pack except the IDE drivers. Those things have given me nothing but grief in the past, just use the microsoft ones windows installs by default. Who knows, that might be part of the problem if your main hard drive is IDE.
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