Asus P5B-E Can't select all 6 drives for RAID5??

Hi I'm trying to setup my first Raid system and i have bought 6 Seagate Barracuda ES 750GB disks and my plan was to setup 1(one) large RAID5 array.
My current opstacle occur in the "Intel® Matrix Storage Manager" I follow a guide and I select "create Raid volume" and gives it a name and then on the next page where i can select the drives to use for the Array the problems occur. I can only choose 4 out of the 6 shown disks?? It says "Select 3-6 disks to use in the array" HMMM I hope you can help me since this is really frustrating.
Just to make it clear, the system can see all 6 disks and I can see them inside the bios too. :(

Found this Img and it seems like it should work as advertised?
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  1. Are they all enabled in the BIOS to run in RAID mode?
  2. Quote:
    Are they all enabled in the BIOS to run in RAID mode?

    yep. i talked to an asus tech today he din't know much but he said the board was only supposed to handle 4 disks in the array and then use the last 2 ports as normal disks, hmm
  3. Maybe put the drives in a NAS.
  4. I have the same number & type of drives installed in an ASUS P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi/AP. The max number of drives in a RAID5 set for the intel ICH8R controller is 4. What I did is define 2 RAID5 sets of 3 drives each.
  5. This may not address your problem, but I just contacted Asus about the P5B-E, and it apparently is being misadvertised as using the ICH8R southbridge. Rather, it uses the ICH8 southbridge. The tech said that's not a manufacturing error--it's supposed to have the inferior chip.
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