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  1. Hnn
  2. Hey! you changed for your avatar! yippy!
  3. I am an Aquarius, and I like shopping..... for technology - 8)

    :lol: - In all seriousness

    If people really want to know, feel free to 'hassle' me:

    é-mail & MSN Messenger: (Highlight, Copy [Ctrl+C], Paste [Ctrl+V])

    Homepages: - Includes blog in top left and RSS feed
    - On Microsoft Spaces.Live servers - ISP provided domain to my static IP and SOHO Web-Server
    - (On 512 to 896+ Kbps link)
    - ISP provided web-space (50 MB or so, on 155 Mbps link)

    I am 'around'.
  4. Quote:
    Hey! you changed for your avatar! yippy!

    And again till I find a better Nidaime pic.
  5. how about................ your ORIGINAL pic? That was good.

    Just dont take mine lol.
  6. No and I think you all should be concerned with things more important than what avatar I choose or following me around harassing me about it. Its fucking pissing me off that I can't go two posts without someone crying about it.
  7. you are following us around....

    or do you claim all us "normal" people can track a ninja such as you?
  8. Lets see, hmm. I'm just a guy who loves computers and loves playing games. Oh, and I drink too much caffeine.
  9. Quote:
    No and I think you all should be concerned with things more important than what avatar I choose or following me around harassing me about it. Its ****** pissing me off that I can't go two posts without someone crying about it.

    Dude wtf is up with your avatar?Maybe Webshots has a new feature, that will give you a new avatar everyday... instead of wallpaper. :wink: :lol:
  10. I obviously make no bones about my identity, my name's right there. I will certainly not disclose my employer after some of the posts I've made in regards to them! I like my job and hope to keep it. I have a girlfriend who bought me a 8800GTX. I fly planes and hang gliders. 24 y/o.

    However, the real reason I'm posting is to introduce my avatar. That fat animal is Moose, a 13 month old Rottweiler. Moose likes to eat PCBs, and these have included an Audigy card, a Radeon 9600, and a WiFi antenna (not really a PCB). Moose also enjoys clogging case fans with his ever-present black hair. Moose pretty much loves everyone and everything. Moose is legendary for his cruel SBDs. However, Moose hates hang gliding (who'd have thought they make dog harnesses?).
  11. LOL you should meet my big brother. He was a real bastard. Kicked out my teeth, dislocated my knee cap, ran me over in his car, kicked me in the balls, and the list goes on and on. But still, if anyone else ever laid a finger on me as a kid he would have kicked the crap out of them. And the same goes the other way now that I'm the bigger of the 2 of us!! LOL
  12. <(O.o)> Whoa...
  13. I saw that in a record shop in Kamloops BC last summer. I thought it was pretty funny that a shop was still selling Laser Disks. Even funnier that a company was still publishing laser disks!!!
  14. Quote:
    It's my birthday today, im left handed, and my real name is Jazz. Thats about it.

    Well, Hippo Birdie Two Ewes....

    Must suck having the birthday so close to Christmas... just one big gift....

  15. LOL I had a Vic20 and a Trash 80 before stepping into the big leagues of the 8086!!!
  16. Quote:
    Must suck having the birthday so close to Christmas... just one big gift....

    eh, i got my case of jerky, and a $50 gift card to itunes today, but the real present is the $1300 rig in my sig, along with a viewsonic VX922 monitor, so more like $1500. from mac elitest to pc fanatic in one fell swoop. after i get the case and i can actually put this thing in something permanent (on my desk sitting on a peice of foam right now, ive only done stability testing so far.).
  17. I'm 46. Married, three kids. My oldest is graduating University of Illinois in May and then getting married in June. That makes you feel REAL old. I could be a grandpa before I'm 48. I work ot three days a week, work in government and had my first book published last September by Penguin. Before working in government I worked as a newspaper reporter for 14 years.

    My first computer was Wyse with about 64k of memory, two 51/4 floppy drives. I bought it to write the Great American Novel in 1984. The book never came to be but I played the orginal version of Zork on it. My book published by Penguin is a true crime novel, far from the Great American novel. Good luck to the previous poster who's working on a book..

    My second computer was a IBM PS1 which wasn't much more sophisticated than the first. When I upgraded to a sound card the stuffy salesman at the local computer shop made it clear he thought I was a moron for wanting a sound card to play games on it.

    Times have changed. I can remember getting boxed in my buddy's Grand Prix listening to Led Zeppelin on the 8-track and waiting for the tracks to change. My first CD player cost about $300 bucks. I still have it but don't use it.

    Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays to All :D
  18. Quote:
    The worst part was when the track changed...midway through your favourite song. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! :o And my dad rented an 8-track recorder....taped from a bunch of LP's, and basically D.J'ed my sisters wedding(1979)...on 8-track. I'm embarassing myself beyond belief. :x

    Yea, the mid-tune track change was as bad as when her mom walked in on the passion moment. I still have a box of 8 tracks, just a few classics like Just Another Band From LA, Disraeli Gears, etc. I had a recorder too, even an in-dash player/recorder/FM tuner. Record your favorite tunes while you drive? The 60s were the beginning of truly weird tech for the masses.
  19. Quote:
    Back in my day, we didn't even have music... :wink:

    Reminds me of the Ringo Starr movie BC. What a hoot.
  20. Well...

    My name is Keith. I'm just some guy that has been registered on this forum since 2003. I post with the occational question and/or interesting topic. I avoid flamewars (obvious whom is the idiot in most of those) unless I can provide a new point of view/idea.

    I do enjoy gaming with my clan/group
    I love my new PC and Totally own in Americas Army. Come join our website and play in our gameserver anytime. We also run Ventrilo. Send me a PM for the informations if you wish to enter.

    I attend Devry U. and study in the field of NCM (Network and Communications Management -Bachelors ).
  21. Ninja once again succumbs to my desires... (avatar re-change)

    The first three volumes can be rented for you laser disc player today!
  22. 45 yo Male Sr. Unix Administrator with Military background.
    Love to shoot, mess with computers, romance my wife and enjoy raising my kids. Have built more computers in my time both Midrange UNIX boxes and PC's than I can count. Recently quit building in favor of paying other people to do the dirty work for me (Falcon North West)

    Hiking, Reading and WWII history are my hobbies.....along with working around the money pit. Actually Pit should be pits....the house and the computers :-)

    Games of choice recently are NWN2, Galactic Civilizations II, Oblivion and Heroes V.
  23. Quote:
    Ninja once again succumbs to my desires... (avatar re-change)

    The first three volumes can be rented for you laser disc player today!

    I do this out my own initiative.
  24. Falcon Northwest?? Man I wish I had a job so I could get a kick-ass computer...
  25. I'm 26, from South Africa.

    Computer Systems Engineer - looking to start a BSc in Computational Intelligence next year after my CFST.

    Been working in the process industry for 5 years, of which the last year has been for a American company where I work on ESD (emergency shutdown systems ) as system engineer.

    I love going out with a few friends, have a steady relationship with my girlfriend of 4 years whom allows me plenty of PC time (when she's not hogging my pc time)... :lol:

    Love WW2 movies, and hate all movies with non DTS sound tracks :lol:
    Subaru fan, although the price is still too high on the STi here in ZA.
    Edit: My music likes include Led Zep, RAMONES, The Clash, The Who, Blondie etc. Don't get music today as good as the 70's in my view

    And I really love my pc... Since 1990 that is!

    My FULL system spec is...

    Just kidding! :wink:
  26. Quote:
    In your sig, you mean Xaser, right?
  27. Guess i should update, i am no longer with my wife, i moved out, we had the crappiest holidays ever, and we are seeking a divorce. Of corse all else i orginaaly posted is the same
  28. Not to be rude to your situation or anything, but I was within 1 hair's length of the same thing. I think my wife may be Bi-Polar or something.
  29. Dud, i know what you mean, mine is bitchy one day and sweet the next. I got fed up thought, she is controlling, she demeans me, and she and her friends are constantly interfereing in each others relationships. She actually tried to fight me at the airport.
  30. yo...guys....

    im 14, so i cant buy powerball lottery tickets...

    so i got my dad to get me one, and i got 4 outta 5 numbers, so i won $275,900 dollars....

    after taxes i will have about $150000....

    i am now purchasing a quad core 8800gtx SLI from falcon Northwest....

    i have a money and computer induced erection...

    cheers :)
  31. Quote:

    im 14, so i cant buy powerball lottery tickets...

    so i got my dad to get me one, and i got 4 outta 5 numbers, so i won $275,900 dollars....

    after taxes i will have about $150000....

    i am now purchasing a quad core 8800gtx SLI from falcon Northwest....

    i have a money and computer induced erection...

    cheers :)

    Yeah, but no avatar. :lol:

    Oh yeah, thanks for buying the high end stuff. Need more people to buy that to drop the price down for me in the future.
  32. Russ kids mark and beth, 13 and 14, wife colleen - i try to build gaming systems but its tough.
  33. Sweet, must be nice to have that kind of money
  34. Quote:

    I use my pc mainly as an entertainment system.
    - GAMES (1st person shooters and Oblivion).
    - Watch anime.
    - " DVDs.
    - Music.
    - Testing various flawours of *nix systems.

  35. Quote:
    A network storage facility powered by a crank turned by water buffalo. The cabling has really turned out to be a problem. The monkeys keep swinging on them and disconnecting the contacts. Any solutions???

    Kill the monkeys :?: :? :lol:
  36. Invader was the model name of my first car, 1962 Pontiac Acadian Invader (a Canadian model of the Chevy II). In high school we named our intramural volleyball team the "Invaders" as I was the only guy with a car and I picked everyone up. The name stuck and the rest is history! Also the Oakland Invaders (World Football League?) had cool uniforms, so there simply was no other choice. :P
  37. well im a 16 years venezuelan i ve learned about computers by myself and ive built like 3 / 4 systems alone i know many may hate me because our president but believe me nobody here likes him :S its sad to how my country starts to fall bit by bit and believe me venezuelans are very happy and friendly people! and computers help me to forget the problems of the reality im living i like driving cars a lot im underage but i anyways drive my parents corolla , i have a girlfriend :D were 9 months and i like a lot computers!! :D the problem is that here parts are very hard to find , the stores here selle pentium 4's at the prices of core 2 duos e6700 or similar! so i have to go abroad to upgrade!! and well im very happy with my system and i want to bee an computer or mechanic engineer well excuse me for my english !!

  38. 25 years of age,
    Resident of Maine, United States
    Work for Asplundh Tree Expert Co.
    2 College years of PC Tech

    Yet now I enjoy killing trees, drinking beer, playing CSS and racing GTR2 with a massive buzz-on (the bigger the buzz, the better the finishing place) :wink: .
    Traded Steel Reserve, Corona, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and chiansaws for my longed PC Tech career :mrgreen:

    Then and Now addicted:
    Doom, Dm2, Dm3, Duke Nukem 3D, Comand and Conquer, Unreal, Infiltration, Quake1, Q2, Q3, ARC (Attack Retrieve Capture), CS, CSS, BF2, Nascar Racing 2,3+, GTR2.

    And I really like boobs.
  39. Quote:
    And I really like boobs.

    CHEW TOYS :lol:
  40. *makes nawing sound* :P
  41. Quote:
    Thats me, who are you?

    A spoiled, bored 11 year old boy with too many computer games.

    A nefarious third wolrd intelligence agent conducting corporate espionage.

    A twenty-something egomaniac.

    In an anonymous forum, you can be whatever you want.
  42. Quote:
    And I really like boobs.
    Now why the hell did I forget to mention that. Basically in the top 3 of my favourite things. I can never pick which order they are in. (not gonna mention the others though).
  43. Quote:

    Does anyone else find it funny that everyone on the net is a 6ft+tall 300pound body builder :roll:

    I'm tall 8) , but weakling :oops: . No exercise, gym, nothing :evil: . Happy? :wink:
  44. Quote:
    I read a good many of the post about who some people are on the forumz. well i guess they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well ill just show u guys a vid of what I do for fun its on youtube and heres the link to thevid

    and just in case your wondering yes those are legal to own

    Paintball? :? Hunting? :? Crazy Guerrilla fanatic assasins training? 8O I can't see what are you shooting to. :idea: Humans? :?: 8O are you hunting humans as a game? :evil: You fkng human killr! :!: :evil: :lol: How was it? ... nine ... one ... one [riing ...]
  45. Quote:
    Yes and String Theory is the Theory of Strings and Rope! BTW, does Youtube have any Capo vs Hapkido?!

    Actually...its about matter that is smaller than subatomic particles, such as protons neutrons.....

    8O Subatomic? the capo or the aikido? :?
  46. Quote:
    I feel like this should be a AA Forumz.

    AA? Anti aikido? :?
  47. Quote:

    Yeah, I haven't gone for my PE. I have my EIT and went into programming. I still consider myself an ME though, because that test was a B I T C H. Especially when they changed the format in 97 when I took it.

    I got a BLT while in DC. No :cry:
    Guys, not everybody here is American.. how are we supposed to know what's EIT, PE, BLT, etc etc.. :?

    Well here in the UK a BLT is a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, so I can only assume he eat a sandwich in Washington DC. :D

    how r the BLT's in the UK ??

    i got to try one
  48. Quote:
    such as in the temple... or maybe up the nose into the brain cavity....
    Hello, my name is Eric,

    :idea: In the eyes actually. 8)

    I'm killmess, my real name isn't important. :twisted:
  49. Were you like restricted from useing internet or something for the last month or 2 that you are replying to the whole damn thread now. Just nosy thats all.
  50. I've been on the forums for a few months, but typically don't post too much since most of the things I'd say have already been said by someone else...If you've ever gone to Cnet, there's a chance you've seen me there, since I've made a few more posts there...Anyway, to the story.

    I'm a 20-yr. old Nuclear Engineering student at the University of Missouri-Rolla. I've been screwing around with computers for years, and been building/repairing them seriously for a little over a year. I enjoy my games, from consoles to PC's. I'm amazed by how little some people know about computers, and I try to enlighten them when they need enlightenment.

    Oh yeah...St. Pat's is the best holiday ever.
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