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I just finished putting my computer together and installing windows. I have installed all the drivers that came with the differant hardware and all went well except I ran into a problem...I have no sound from my speakers or through my earphones on my MSI k9n Platinum, although I will say that if I turn up the volume on my speaker all the way I can hear a little bit of sound coming out of one speaker...not to mention that it also sounds slightly over distorted (too much power). Now I have tested the speakers on another computer and worked perfectly, but on my new build I am at a loss for words. Any ideas as to what would cause this kind of malfunction of the sound and why my front panel sound out-put doesnt function...I know everything is hooked up. Not to mention that I have check to make sure that all of my devices were functioning properly and that I installed all the basic drivers. Help if you got any ideas please.

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  1. Start, Settings, Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices,

    Under the Volume Tab, at the bottom make sure in the Advanced button the speakers are selected representing the type you're using. Apply and save if you change the configuration.

    Under the Audio Tab, make sure Sound Playback is set to your soundcard, and anything else on that page for that matter to the right hardware. Same thing on the Voice Tab, then Apply and OK.
  2. Try Start>Run>dxdiag>enter> and check all the info and tests on the audio tabs.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Well....I looked into everything you guys mentioned and everything is running and tested out okay...and still minimal sound. The onboard sound I have is "Realtek ALC883 w/azalias audio solution 1.0. I have been looking up drivers and every one I seem to come across still hasnt seem to fix the problem. Any more ideas?
  4. If you have connected the front panel audio to the motherboard for onboard sound, remember you can use only one jack output at a time!

    If the front doesn't work, put the jack in the socket on the back of the case. If you hear sound loudly, then the onboard sound is OK but you are directing it to the back instead of the front :?

    If this happens, you will be fine. Take off the front audio lead from the mobo connector, REMOVE 2 x jumpers as per your manual, and reconnect! :P

    Good Luck. I hope this works for you!
  5. Is your front sound working now? :D
  6. Well...I ended up takeing it up to my local Micro Center and they couldnt see anything wrong with the way I had it set up....sooooo the guy ended up telling me that I could either buy a sound card and go through there orrr I could just send it back for an RMA. I even e-mailed MSI about my troubles and everything that they mentioned had already been looked at. So concidering that it is a new build and everything is brand-spankin-new I'm sending it back to Newegg for a replacement...I'll let you all know how it turns out...they said I should get it by the end of the week (hope their right). Thanks for the help though!!!!!!!
  7. Well you should be back in business by now so how'd it go with the replacement M/B?
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