e6600 + stable mobo, which one ?

Hi guys,
Plain and simple, I'm not oc'ing this, it will be a work machine by day then at night 8800gts for hardcore gaming =). I think it's safe to say ASUS is out now with all the bad revs, but gigabyte ds3, or intel 965, or ecs slit-A ? anyone recommendations. I don't need sli either, but I wont rule out a mobo that has it. .

thanks Please put your top 2-3 choice and your experience with them, ie length of time running stable. thanks again
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  1. I just ordered a e6700 with a Abit AW9D-MAX motherboard with 2G Patriot 6400 at I,am going to it team up with 2 1900's in crossfire with a 150G rapitor, I'll let you know how it goes by next week.
    Well i had it for about 5 days and it working real good no problem the only thing I had to do was set the right volts and timing on memory.
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